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Found 6 results

  1. Greetings everyone! I'm new to these forums and thought I'd post a song to share. It's called "Waves". To give you context, I've been writing songs for a year now. Nearly all of my songs are instrumentals and fall under the "alternative" genre. Let me know what you think!
  2. Here is a version of the Beatles 'The Fool On The Hill'.. As you will hear, I was faithful to sections, but also took liberties with others. Of course I had to put in some psychedelia into it.. It's light and playful.. I always liked the recorders and trombone section in original.. but felt when I did it, didn't quite work, being repeated, so I altered them a bit.. I threw in some extra stuff. Like George Harrison's almost patented Leslie Guitar into it for a brief moment (so Beatles).. I tossed in other bits, to give it a music collage feel, also.
  3. Here's a piece I just recently finished.. The main motif, is only 4 bars long, which got boring pretty quickly.. I split the riff up between different instruments.. also created variations of it. Then a counterpoint riff also give it further diversity..
  4. Treatise on The Walls = Here is an extended concept piece. Warning…. this piece is 36 minutes long.. Open your mind, get comfortable. It took many months of time to complete. Many 12 hours days, other times only 30 minutes a day, cause I got overwhelmed. a lot of experimentation, and exploration. This piece consists of several movements.. There are three songs (sort of), sections of ‘sound design’ free form or sound exploration.. A significant of sound manipulation, processing. Hundreds and hundreds of automation commands. I was reading about Pink Flo
  5. Looking forward to listening to the wealth of music here. Toby
  6. Hey everyone, I just wrote a book called, Cello Chords, which is a guide to harmony on the cello. It covers 11 different types of chords in all 12 keys and is an excellent resource for exploring all different types of music on the cello. You can check it out and purchase it here: www.bryanwilsoncello.com/cello-chords. Thanks guys!
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