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Found 18 results

  1. In The Forest Dance Woodwinds vs Overdrive:) Published on YouTube: https://youtu.be/Orqb7LPt-Y8
  2. Hi y'all, this is City Cowboy for your reference šŸ˜ƒ Feel free to leave some comments after reviewing, thxxx. >>> https://soundcloud.com/user-54415704/city-cowboy >>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7wH78qtkW0 ~ Lyrics ~ Verse1: No deputy can get him arrested, it's a city cowboy out of law, don't panic(x3), he got some morality The sheriff got so angry seriously, in the city jungle he rides a horse, don't panic(x3), loading the pistol so deadly Pre-chrous: Revolvers shooting, have the torches ignited, something's wrong, and you'll see Chorus: We city cowboys don't belong in this tiny little town, so sick of chasing, so tired of changing, but still that we'll survive Verse2: No heavy mud can drag me tragically, there's a quirky story I've been told, reminds me(x3), I gotta have some morality Pre-chrous: Revolvers shooting, have the torches ignited, something's wrong, and you'll see Chorus: We city cowboys don't belong in this crazy little town, so sick of chasing, so tired of changing, but still that we'll survive Bridge: We riding all night, escaping from life of the city so tight, we don't want no fight https://www.willykuomusic.com/
  3. I've been having the impression I was playing a bit too safe with my harmonies lately, so I've done what I used to do at the beginning: do a restricted writing exercise and re-harmonize or rethink simple folk melodies. You may recognize the third piece, its lyrics have been translated to English and Spanish, at least. There's also some trivial quote hidden in there. I include both the full orchestral score, and the initial piano sketch. Edit: At the present moment, this is just a study for a future, longer piece. I'm thinking of something like Grieg's Norwegian Dances, where folk tunes are fleshed out into large forms with "classical" development. As a curiosity, I also include pics of the first 2 folk dances. Both involve steel-reinforced wooden sticks, and are fast-paced and violent. Someone breaking a bone isn't that rare (the xylophone in the first basically parodies the bones breaking). I danced myself to the 2nd melody.
  4. Hey, how is everyone doing? Long time since I posted something here. (Also damn, this is my 200th post on this forum!) This time I bring you the result of a pretty interesting art trade I did where I had to compose a piece in a medieval style. Here you have the link: You have a commentary of the piece in the description of the video, and if you have any doubts just leave a comment here. I would appreciate any feedback, I hope you will like it or find it interesting. šŸ™‚ Shares are appreciated too! If you want the final score here you have the link to my upload to Musescore: https://musescore.com/user/31566834/scores/6866952
  5. Hi guys, here's a pop/folk/rock (honestly I'm not sure what genre to call it) song that I wrote and produced called Listening Listening. I'd really appreciate some feedback on it, especially the production aspect, as while I have a decent amount of songwriting experience, I'm pretty new to producing. Thanks for any help!
  6. The piece is based on a European version of the second part of a Jewish Chant called "These Candles". It is said on the holiday of light which is... in about a month and a half from now. Titled "a Prayer for a Light Long Forgotten" the piece is meant to take the listener into a dark night on a pagan ancient tribe, a night in which from darkness, by prayer, grows a big light (say, they light a great bonefire and dance around it). Thus, I try to make the piece go from darkness to light using scale, chords colors, register, tempo etc. Please listen and tell me what you think of it, any reviews are welcome, especially the critical ones.
  7. I believe I finally completed this piece, which, based on previous feedback, I think is in the general style of a European folk tune hybridized with a march. Earlier I posted an incomplete version, which you can check here for comparison: Thanks to the people who responded to the incomplete work, for their motivating reactions. Thanks to Rabbival507 for suggesting a "fast section" - a device I have noticed in folk music. I went with it, which kickstarted me again. It's 2 violins, viola, cello, 2 unison double basses (pizzicato only), concert flute, bass flute, nylon string guitar, tambourine, cymbal, snare drum, and bass drum. EDIT: AND TRIANGLE! A dutifully returning main theme is interspersed with a chorus-like secondary theme, and variations and spinoffs on the main theme.
  8. Small piano piece influenced by Puerto Rican rythm from the folk mountains mixed with an "classical" language.
  9. Just another preview I made for the video game we are working on ... I was asked to describe a Jinn (some kind of demon in Middle eastern culture, referenced in Qur'an, and also Iranian and Arabian legends and mythologies) with music. But, this Jinn is not a typical Jinn (to help you imagine Jinn, you can consider "baphomet" without wings). This Jinn shows himself as a human with a mask to people, and he doesn't annoy or injure them until they make him angry. Also, I was asked to include Iranian folk instruments in my music. And, I made this :
  10. Hello! You may perhaps have seen the collaboration topic for Theme and Variations on a Dutch folk song ''Sinterklaas is jarig''. Since I don't get any variations, I have decided that the piece is finished now. I want to thank all participants for their submissions, which are all great! It was fun to have so many people submit a variation, so maybe we can do more collaboration projects on the basis of simple songs. Theme: ''Sinterklaas is jarig.'' For more info, see below. I made a mistake by confusing the song ''Sinterklaas is jarig'' with ''Oh! Kom maar eens kijken.'' The latter is incorrect. Variation I. @MusicianXX12 Varation II. @Luis HernƔndez Variation III. @ilv Variation IV. @MusicianXX12 Variation V. @Maarten Bauer Variation VI. @Maarten Bauer Variation VII. @DirkH Variation VIII. @Aure_liano BACKGROUND INFORMATION The theme is a Dutch / Flemish Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas) song. ''The feast of Sinterklaas celebrates the name day of Saint Nicholas on 6 December. The feast is celebrated annually with the giving of gifts on St. Nicholas' Eve (5 December) in the northern parts of the Netherlands and on the morning of 6 December, Saint Nicholas Day, in the southern provinces of the Netherlands, as well as Belgium, Luxembourg and northern France (French Flanders, Lorraine and Artois). The tradition is also celebrated in territories of the former Dutch Empire, including Aruba, Bonaire, CuraƧao and Suriname.'' (Wikipedia, n.d.). To practise your Dutch, here is a special episode from 2016 when Sinterklaas arrives in Maassluis. The text in this theme (there are many variations) is the following including the translation: Sinterklaas is jarig! 'k Zet mijn schoen vast klaar. Wellicht dat hij hem vol doet met, ja wist ik het maar. Hier zet ik wat water en wat hooi voor 't paard, want dat trouwe beestje is het heus wel waard. It's Sinterklaas' birthday. I'm putting my shoe down already. I hope that he will fit it with, if I only knew... Here I put some water there some hay for the horse, because that faithful animal is really worth it. Sinterklaas is jarig 5.0.mp3 Sinterklaas is jarig 5.0.pdf Best wishes, Maarten
  11. Hello everybody, It sounds very interesting to me when we have a collaboration project in the form of Theme and Variations. For the ones who don't know what this form is: you compose one or more variations on a stated theme. A clear example is Mozart's Dodici variazioni su 'Ah, vous dirai-je Maman': How does it work? You can compose as many variations on the given theme as you want. There are a few rules / points: Only write for the string quartet (1st violin, 2nd violin, viola, violoncello). Not all variations have to contain all instruments, so you can also compose a variation for string trio (violin, viola, violoncello) or a solo passage. Make sure that the theme is recognizable or at least fragments of it. Every style is accepted: contemporary, classical, Pop, Jazz, minimal etc. Variations may not be longer than 2 minutes. When you have finished a variation, please post it in this topic with the following files. This namely saves a lot time for me to edit the final version. PDF file of the score and; Midi file and; MP3 file. You can be as creative as you want! Theme ''Oh! Kom maar eens kijken!'' Oh! Kom maar eens kijken!.pdf Oh! Kom maar eens kijken!.mp3 Oh! Kom maar eens kijken!.mid If you are interested and want to compose a variation, please sign in for this project by answering yes in the poll above. Good luck! Participants: ----------------------
  12. I was going through some old basement tapes and I found this one and I thought that I would share it with you. It's not too bad! I never did anything with it, just another wisp of an idea ... Maybe I should have called it The Things We Leave Behind.
  13. http://picosong.com/Gtvv/ I would love to have some feedback! It is my first time composing something as complex as this so any tips or advice would very much help. Thank you!
  14. This is my modest entry for the 2016 Fall Competition. It's a set of variations for solo alto recorder, recorded in my not-even-close-to-a-studio bedroom. It's me playing it. More information can be read in the Notes pdf file. A link to an actual presentation of the original theme (an anonymous folk music) can be watched here (there's a short lively intro before the music starts): VariaƧƵes sobre o SiriƔ.mp3
  15. Guest

    Sword in My Hand

    Sword in My Hand (Opus 16) was inspired by Celtic and Medieval folk music. It was a part of my music production class assignment asking for complete percussion tracks. It was challenging, since I'm completely not a rhythm oriented person, and I think that the rhythm section is the worst part of the composition. Among several other instruments, the piece is played by celtic harp, hammered dulcimer, tin whistle, recorder, lute, irish bouzouki, accordion and string section (violins, cellos and basses). It is written in E flat major with a short bridge in E flat minor. The composition is all midi; I'm not capable of finding a musician playing a harp to be able to record my music, and I only possess low piano skills. I'm also not pretty sure about the panning and reverb accuracy. There is no score for this composition. I personally think, that this is one of my worst works I've ever completed. Thank you for listening and any helpful hints or comments are very welcomed!
  16. i'm curious to hear some folk music that you really enjoy. lately i'm a little obsessed with this one (in my case i'm romanian so all my links will be romanian folklore): Liviu Vasilica - Fir-ai tu sa fii de murg
  17. Hi. I've been working on a folk-jazz tune for awhile now and I am having trouble finding interesting and good sounding (somewhat folky) chord progressions. I was wondering if someone here could give me some useful tips?
  18. Looking forward to listening to the wealth of music here. Toby
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