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    It's a planet earth-y style orchestral piece. I've got my own theories, but fresh ears are always a huge plus! Don't hold back:
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    an arrangement for jazz band from the band: Trapt Headstrong is one of the singles from the "Trapt" back from 2002 To me, this is an iconic song that has been featured in many games I used to play in my early childhood years. This classic rock song is taken directly from the original track along with an added solo section for the trumpets to stand out and show off their skills and not to also mention the short genre change from hard rock to a Latin style. Let me know what you think of this arrangement (preferably for a high school jazz band group) https://soundcloud.com/user859741024/headstrong-by-trapt-jazz-band
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    I am writing a Pet Suite. I have 7 animals with me (3 dogs + 4 cats). Each one is unique. I am writin a couple of pieces for everyone thinking how they are and I feel about them. Byron is my biggest boy. He is very active, but tender with other dogs, with cats, children... The music is in a minimalit style. I listen Philip Glass Studies almost every night, I love him... BYRON.mp3 BYRON.pdf
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    I'm at a loss of words on how to describe this work. The idea behind it was a study in string textures -yet, it seems to have gone beyond that somewhat (at least to me). Compositionally, each section utilizes a descending motif -with various variations over it. It's definitely not minimalist in design as the changes aren't as subtle -and there is a fine demarcation between some of the textures. Hope you enjoy.
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    A little jazz piece... Hope you like it. (Trumpet in concert pitch).
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    Well, this was my very first composition, I composed this when I was 14 and about to turn 15, I called this "waltz of the 13 days" or "vals de los 13 dias" in spanish, because I composed this in 13 days. When I first started hearing "classical" music, I liked a lo beethoven's sonata no.14, since it is in C# minor, it became my very favorite key since then, and also that's why my first composition is in such a "difficult key". In this composition I used the same harmonic scheme that pachelbel's canon in D major (I, V, VIm, IIIm,IV, I,) but transposed to C# minor. and adding a dominant before the tonic to avoid that plagal cadence (Im, V, bVI, bIII,IVm, V, Im) you'll see some asymmetric phrasing, constant modulations and a lot of sequencing in this composition. any comments are apreciated :3 , would be good if everyone post they very first composition.
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    I'm so glad you brought this piece back into the forum because I didn't even know it existed. You masterfully covered a dazzling world of invention here in about six minutes. Bravo! Can you tell me something of this performance?
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    That's an interesting interpretation. I can see it.
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    Thanks for listening and bringing this memories back. Of course, I love Glass... When I wrote this piece, this dog wasn' going well. In fact he died a few months later....
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