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Want to be a part of the forum? We are currently looking for active reviewers in all of the upload forums. Reviewers will receive 800 megs of space as well as be foremost in activity on the site - thereby increasing their exposure on the network/forum. We are looking to bring on a team of active reviewers, the more the better. Again, reviewers will be rewarded with 800 megs of space.


1. The position will not only require active reviewing, but active quality assurance. Posts that are overtly superficial and/or off topic shall be deleted.

2. Knowing your material is important, but even more important is participation, and willingness to learn.

3. Correctly categorizing the works in the network.

If you are interested in becoming a Reviewer, then use this thread with a quick note explaining why you think you would make a good reviewer. Please include your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice of forum you would like to be responsible for.

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I would like to be considered for the reviewer position. I have been a member of the community for about a year now and have regularly commented and critiqued reviews placed in most of the uploads categories. I've studied music composition for well over a decade now and am familiar with most of the basics of composition and orchestration. If there is a style or technique that I am unfamiliar with that I am unfamiliar with in a work, prior to commentary I will study into that style or technique to be better educated in my comments. That is why I feel i would be well suited for this position.

I. Orchestral

II. Chamber

III. Piano/Keyboard solo

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Hmmm, this intrigues me... Do you I have to apply in some manner? Like a brief essay on why I would be a good reviewer?

My response:

I have been a very active member of the community and enjoy reviewing others pieces. I generally stick to the piano section but I believe I could extend into other things to give input to the best of my abilities. I've studied college level music theory and have been composing for a while now. I'm always friendly to those whom I review and understand that though I give my opinion, they are free to take it or leave it at their discretion. As a reviewer I promise to be friendly and inviting to those who are new to the forum and do the best of my abilities to integrate them into the community. I also promise to use my powers of reviewer with the utmost caution and carefulness, being sure not to overstep my boundaries. Please consider me as a reviewer and I will do my best.

I. Piano/Keyboard solo

II. Chamber music

III. Large ensemble

Thank you for your time,


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An essay would be nice, it will help give us an idea of why we should choose you. After all, our resources to you would be "on the house", so give us as much information as possible! I asked Ron if he would like to take the lead with the reviewers, so depending on when he gets back to me, and if he wants this job, I will let him be in charge and he can formulate any method he wishes to interview reviewers. For now, please write why you think you are qualified :)

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Bump, please re-read original post, edited by Ron.

It is official now, Ron is in charge of the upload forums and for leading our group of reviewers. If anyone would like to become a reviewer, please contact him directly or reply to this thread. These forums are the building blocks to this site, so careful attention to these forums are a must.

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I would like to apply for a reviewer position of the Choral Forum. I am the most active Choral composer here and I tend to focus on it anyway. I am the official Choral Teacher of this forum and I am the "unofficial" Monthly Competition leader here. So, I already have responsibility and I use it well. I have experience moderating forums from when I was "Minister of War" at a gaming website for 6 months. Also, I was administrator at RUSSIA form the game Lunar Wars for about 6 months as well. I am usually very active and thorough in reviewing choral works, and I am not very active in other fora except for the non-upload fora, which I am very active in also. I have been a member since 2006, almost a 4 year member, and I have attempted to earn respect, and credibility here ever since.

As for my bragging rights, if you would check out my last upload to the Major Works section (a complete success), you would see the kind of respect I have attempted to foster and the humility I have tried to express regarding my musical style and knowledge.

As a teacher, you could peruse my logs with Impresario.

As an organizer and leader, you could look at my Monthly Competitions Forum which I maintain without being a moderator of.

As a reviewer, you could check out some reviews people found helpful:

Example #1

Example #2

Example #3

So, I hope I am considered. Thank you for your time.


EDIT: 1. Choral.

2. Piano/Keyboard Solo.

3. Lyrics.

2nd EDIT:

I am also running the YC Awards. :D

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I'll only do it for unlimited storage.


I went thru your last 200 posts and only 5 of them were in anyone else's music threads. In 2 of those 5 you asked for scores or midis and never gave any critique. In 2 more you said how bad the pieces were and in the last one you said you didn't even listen to the piece. The rest of your posts were either in Off Topic or comments in your own threads (lots of those). I am looking for reviewers that will encourage our members, not demean or ignore them.

So thanks, but I will pass on the offer.


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And, well, if a piece sucks you do the composer a disservice by telling them the truth without giving any helpful advice, tips, pointers, or suggestions. Reviewers should be helpful, not just dead-honest. I think Ron is right, however. You haven't shown yourself worthy in your recent past to be a reviewer. You have the opportunity to prove yourself in the present and apply for the position again when you have proved your worth. This is the system we adopted for Editors. We won't take on a new editor until that person has proved already that they are devoted to and have contributed to the cause. Show the staff, then they'll consider.

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I'll give it a shot, Ron. Here are the forums I would like to work in as a reviewer if you need me:

1. Large Ensemble

2. Game and Film

3. Incomplete Works (?) I imagine this -should- be covered by a 'reviewer' more than any other...

Here are some examples of my reviews.

Large Ensemble Review

Incidental Music Response

Incomplete Works Discussion about Melodic Dictation

Here is one of my latest Orchestra pieces.


I have a concert band piece in the works now I'll post when it's done... should be in about two weeks or so.

Just PM me...


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Oooh I'd love to be a reviewer!! :)

I would go in this order:

1. Orchestral

2. Incomplete works

3. Piano/keyboard

Edit: Since I read the code of conduct 1 time a week, I'm qualified there...also I try to detail my reviews when possible. If you're supposed to say why you're qualified..then that's why. And I try to listen to music at least once a day, though I don't always comment. I would be happy to though! :)

Edited by Heckelphone224
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I'd love to be a reviewer!!

I'd probably want to focus and comment the Game and Film Music forum - I doubt I'd be able to comment on 2 forums at the same time like others are. I also generally try to detail my reviews.

And as for why I think I qualify, well, I don't have the extensive orchestration knowledge that others most probably have. However, still being a fair newb (8 months) at composing, I think I might be able to help with the more inexperienced composers here. Also, I can try to help with software on a tight budget, being someone that works with free stuff and on a 256MB RAM computer. Look at my most recent composition here: http://forum.youngcomposers.com/t22555/broken-truce/

I hope that I'm not being overly presumptuous here, but hey, let's wait for rolifer to decide :)

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  • 3 weeks later...

aaaam is the reviewer focused on checking the posting of pieces, overall site management or about the music itself ? or both ?

in other words , the reviewers you need are for ... what ?

-Review works in given forum

-Moderate posts and threads according to established Guidelines

-Welcome new members to forum and invite them to join in reviewing and uploading new works, partaking in discussions, etc.

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Ok, I apply for reviewer if you still need me, I don't know where section you need people but I can review Orchestral, Electronic, and maybe other just don't give me Jazz, Concert/marching Bands or choral, I don't feel able to review there.

for months I commented in every single thread of electronic, I also posted many pieces there, here are several examples of what we call now commerical music and here and here two of weird art music,

In orchestral you can see this to know my style.

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  • 1 month later...

I would like to apply as reviewer. Not only do I have experience with IPB, but I commit myself to forums I am staff of...I know I don't post music often, I haven't been around this "new" YC.

I was an editor that was semi-active. With this new YC I shall be a new me and I would start being active around here. It would give me motivation to work.

I would like to be a reviewer for:

1. Piano/Keyboards

2.Large ensemble

3. Chamber

Please consider me. =)

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Tell you what, if you demonstrate your ability to act as a Reviewer in terms of being present and consistently giving useful feedback to people for a while (since, as SYS has said, you've been pretty inconsistent with your presence in the past), then I'm happy to support your promotion to actual Reviewer status. The idea is to encourage everyone to participate in the community, after all, whether or not they have the fancy title.

So Omar, get out there and make like a Reviewer and if we see that you're on the ball then we'll be happy to add you to the actual Reviewer team. :)

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I was not really active in the whole posting music nor reviewing music before. I will start doing that. What's the point of being a member if you're going to not review/comment other's works? You Learn from your comments and from listening to other's works. That is what got me thinking.

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