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Theme & Variations for String Quartet.

Maarten Bauer

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You may perhaps have seen the collaboration topic for Theme and Variations on a Dutch folk song ''Sinterklaas is jarig''.
Since I don't get any variations, I have decided that the piece is finished now.

I want to thank all participants for their submissions, which are all great!
It was fun to have so many people submit a variation, so maybe we can do more collaboration projects on the basis of simple songs.

  1. Theme: ''Sinterklaas is jarig.'' For more info, see below. I made a mistake by confusing the song ''Sinterklaas is jarig'' with ''Oh! Kom maar eens kijken.'' The latter is incorrect.
  2. Variation I. @MusicianXX12
  3. Varation II. @Luis Hernández
  4. Variation III. @ilv
  5. Variation IV. @MusicianXX12
  6. Variation V. @Maarten Bauer
  7. Variation VI. @Maarten Bauer
  8. Variation VII. @DirkH
  9. Variation VIII. @Aure_liano



The theme is a Dutch / Flemish Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas) song.

''The feast of Sinterklaas celebrates the name day of Saint Nicholas on 6 December. The feast is celebrated annually with the giving of gifts on St. Nicholas' Eve (5 December) in the northern parts of the Netherlands and on the morning of 6 December, Saint Nicholas Day, in the southern provinces of the Netherlands, as well as Belgium, Luxembourg and northern France (French Flanders, Lorraine and Artois). The tradition is also celebrated in territories of the former Dutch Empire, including Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao and Suriname.'' (Wikipedia, n.d.).

To practise your Dutch, here is a special episode from 2016 when Sinterklaas arrives in Maassluis. :blink:

The text in this theme (there are many variations) is the following including the translation:

Sinterklaas is jarig!
'k Zet mijn schoen vast klaar.
Wellicht dat hij hem vol doet
met, ja wist ik het maar.
Hier zet ik wat water
en wat hooi voor 't paard,
want dat trouwe beestje
is het heus wel waard.

It's Sinterklaas' birthday.
I'm putting my shoe down already.
I hope that he will fit it
with, if I only knew...
Here I put some water

there some hay for the horse,
because that faithful animal
is really worth it.

Sinterklaas is jarig 5.0.mp3

Sinterklaas is jarig 5.0.pdf


Best wishes,


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