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What is your favorite piano concerto (only one)?

Luis Hernández

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I honestly can't list any one piano concerto as my favorite, as I keep finding more that mesmerize me. I love the Beethoven, Mozart, and Rachmaninoff concertos, but most musical people will immediately name those ones.

Perhaps I can give my favorite underrated piano concerto. For now, it is Kurt Atterberg's Piano Concerto in B-flat minor. Atterberg's Concerto is a uniquely beautiful Scandinavian piece, full of creative and magical moments, and which to me defies most comparison, though one can hear influences of Blues music, as well as Tchaikovsky like motifs, especially in the last movement. It is a very creative work, which still managed to remain fresh without feeling the need to submerge itself in modernism.


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I first listened to this concerto several years back and didn't really think much of it. It is often overshadowed by the composer's marginally more popular Op. 59 (which is also a fantastic and underrated piece, by the way). Having grown to admire his shorter pieces for solo piano, I decided to give this one another listen. Today, it is largely thanks to this piece (and others, of course) that Moritz Moszkowski has secured his place among my favourite composers. In order to avoid overselling it, I just want to encourage you to listen to it straight through from beginning to end (each movement is marked with an attacca) for the full experience. You won't regret it, I promise.

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