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Found 3 results

  1. TL;DR underneath. When I first learned things about harmony and voice leading, I learned to avoid parallel and direct fifths and octaves, to avoid dissonances, and things like that, because they're against the rules. I reasoned that the rules weren't arbitrary, so they had to be there for a reason; people want their music to be likeable, things that sound bad aren't likeable, therefore, invent rules to keep music from straying into the boundary of bad. But, as everyone knows, one of the first responses to that is, 'But that doesn't sound bad!', and the reply, 'It diminishes the independence of voices'. When I first learned this, I simply thought there was something wrong with my ears, because I often couldn't spot errors except by sight; however, when I recently began studying counterpoint, I listened to my exercises on Finale and/or played them on the piano, and my rate of mistake-spotting went much higher, along with my finding some things that I particularly disliked. This, obviously wasn't anything to do with hearing them, 'cause I'd been doing that all along with pieces; but I took it to be simplification of texture (I hate octaves or any interval but an imperfect one in two voices, on the beat - three, not so much - four, impossible to avoid in a standard chorale setting). And there were numerous 'exceptions' to the 'rules' (e.g., direct fifths okay between inner voices &c.). Often, these were just things that couldn't be avoided, but I figured that, if they were allowable just because they were unavoidable (Mozart fifths, for example), and some people don't notice them from just hearing the piece, but may spot them by sight, then they can't be that bad! In that spirit, I've posted six short phrases, all in common time and ending with a whole note, that increase gradually in complexity, in a couple of tempos and with a few renderings. I'd like people to listen to them, listen out for mistakes, and post any you spot, here, in a spoiler. You can range from saying what the mistake is and between what voices, or simply stating where it occurs without knowing exactly what it is. Of particular interest is if people can only spot the error in a certain rendering (which I doubt) or a different tempo (which I don't). Please do not use any theoretical skills to work out where they are: this isn't a test or somewhere to show off your aural abilities, and you'll just ruin it for me and everyone else involved. This essentially amounts to listening and pointing out things and/or parts you didn't like. I'll post the score as a spoiler when a tolerable amount of people respond. TL;DR As an experiment in observing the practicality of abstract counterpoint; listen to these six phrases and point out what sounds technically crap. 110 BPM Piano VST Harpsichord VST Piano MIDI 55 BPM Piano VST Harpsichord VST Piano MIDI
  2. Hi everyone! Welcome to the revamping of the Masterclass forum. Here's everything you need to know: Masterclasses on YoungComposers are like little mini-lessons focusing on a very specific aspect of musical composition. This can be anything from Ear Training to Score Study. Each lesson will be led by a proficient teacher in that field. Instructors will need to know basic composition skills, with an extended knowledge on the topic they will be teaching. As composition topics for these classes are announced, you can respond here in a separate thread if you'd like to be the proctor of the given class. Instructors are expected to make classes engaging, specific, and dynamic. Simply reading a page on orchestration techniques is not very conducive to learning. Participants for these classes are determined by the signup for each given class. When a new thread for that class is opened, the signups will be open. The instructor can decide how many composers he/she/they will be assisting in a given lesson. A good way to engage your students is to have them write a short 32 bar piece with some basic guidelines, then telling them what they missed and what they can improve upon after the fact. Instructors should mainly focus on the area of teaching relevant to the discussion. For now, I will be deciding what classes will be "official". There will be a thread of compositional topics composers on the forum would like to see covered in the future. The time schedule of these classes will be once every 2 - few weeks. Hit "Follow" on this forum to stay up to date on any new topics you might be able to help the community with!~~ I hope you find these helpful!
  3. Young Composers Music Forum Rules and Code of Conduct The five main rules applying to all forums are as follows: Do not post illegal content. This is defined as any content not belonging to you, or content that is prohibited by U.S. internet law. The use of hate speech is prohibited. Hate speech is defined as: content containing material that degrades, intimidates, or incites violence or prejudicial action against a group of people based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or disability (e.g., homophobia or racism). YC has a forum-wide, zero tolerance, no spam policy. This include the Off Topic forum. 'Off Topic' does not mean subsequent posts should be off the topic of a thread, it means off the topic of the general forum (composition and general music discussion). Spam messages will be regularly deleted from all areas of YC, without warning or hesitation and spammers may be banned. Spam can be defined as, but is not limited to: a) posts created with little or no relevant content to the thread topic or discussion at hand; b) posts that are short or without content (in other words, posting a smiley alone does not constitute a relevant, worthwhile post); c) a post written only to advertise a product, service, etc. Legitimate advertisements are allowed only in the Advertisements and Member Announcements forum. However, only one advertisement is permitted for each product, service, etc. Any product without direct relevance to YC’s subject matter will be deleted. Graphic sexual conversation and content is prohibited in all forums and in the shoutbox. All members must be courteous and use proper forum etiquette as described below. Any and all posts falling in violation of these core rules will be deleted without warning. Forum Etiquette and General Conduct General guidelines for posting: Quality of English is important. When posting on YC, you are asked to use quality writing to the best of your ability, ensuring tolerable and coherent use of spelling and grammar. Abbreviations such as 'ur' in the place of 'your', or 'u' in the place of 'you', are neither necessary nor permissible. Include apostrophes and capitalizations where necessary (e.g. 'I’m', not 'im'). Excessive use of acronyms such as 'lol', 'lmao', and 'rofl' is frowned upon and a post containing an acronym alone will be considered a spam message and will be immediately deleted. Double-, triple-, etc., posting, without a clear reason, is forbidden. Moderators will merge multiple posts made by a single user should they deem it necessary to do so. While interacting with other members of the YC community you are expected to behave politely and to refrain from posting content that is deliberately, or likely to be found, offensive. The Moderators reserve the right to remove any material they believe to be inappropriate. Repeated infractions will result in disciplinary procedure. Posts containing graphic sexual content are forbidden; this includes text and images. Profanity in all public forums is prohibited. Any profane words will be deleted immediately. Any user feeling that a posted message is offensive or objectionable is encouraged to use the Report button and/or to contact a Moderator directly. Spam in the forums is strictly forbidden. Forum etiquette applies to the shoutbox. Though it is a more informal setting, while using the shoutbox you are expected to maintain the same level of respect towards your fellow members as you are in the forums. Use the search feature to avoid clogging YC's forums with thread repeats; however: Gravedigging (reviving old, inactive threads) is forbidden. If you have something to add, create a new topic. Infractions and Disciplinary Procedures If a member is found in violation of any of the above or below rules they may be dealt (at the discretion of the Moderators) an increase in warning level, which is then recorded on their profile. Each increase consists of one or more points designed to represent the severity of the offence. Levels can be set to expire after a certain period of time - again, based on the severity of the offence. Three infraction points = one week suspension. Four additional points = one month suspension. Three additional points = six month suspension. Please note that warning levels may expire after a certain time, but the infractions themselves do not. Spammers may be permanently banned immediately. Following a six month suspension, further action may be taken, at the discretion of the moderators, if the member's warning level continues to increase (after being reset). In some cases, moderators may, upon discussion, decide to apply a (custom - i.e., relating to a time-span not aforementioned) suspension or ban to a member's account regardless of warning level, if they are deemed to be so deserving. Shared and Multiple Accounts Registering multiple accounts is prohibited. Account Sharing is prohibited. If you create a multiple account, that account will be deleted and you will receive a one-time warning. If you do it again, you will be dealt a warning level increase. Subsequent offences may be dealt with through suspension or a ban at the discretion of the staff. If you have forgotten your password, please use the password recovery form or ask an Administrator for help if you are having trouble. Please do not create a new account. If you want to change your user name, you may do so by requesting a new one of an Administrator or Moderator. Again, please do not create a new account. Frequent name changes will not be permitted, since this runs the risk of confusing other users. Simple alterations, such as changing "joeschmo1000" to "joeschmo", are acceptable however. If you share your login information with an unbanned or non-suspended member and we find evidence that they have accessed your account, you will receive an increase in warning level and be asked to change your password. If you share your login information with a banned or suspended member and we find evidence that they have accessed your account, you will receive a one-week suspension, and you will also be asked to change your password. Please note: all new accounts sharing the same IP address(es) as an existing account will be deemed 'multiple', regardless of whether it is claimed that there are two different people commanding the accounts or not. It is impossible for the staff to distinguish between two different people commanding separate accounts from the same computer, and one person commanding two accounts from the same computer; however, under extenuating circumstances, for example: the presence of evidence to the contrary, exceptions can be made, if requested. Upload Forums The Music Uploads section of the site is intended as a platform for composers to showcase their music to other composers for critique. Pieces may be uploaded with scores and recordings with comments about the piece from the composer. Other members may then comment on the work allowing for learning opportunities through practical composition. Uploads Pieces should be uploaded through the music uploader (found in the user's top toolbar). Pieces are required to have a score or recording or both. If a score is available, it should be included with every recording posted and vice versa. It is strongly recommended that music for concert performance include the score to facilitate helpful critique. Pieces should, in every case possible, be complete works. However, sometimes it is more helpful for critique for the piece to be a work in progress. Whether it is appropriate to post an incomplete work will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Multi-movement works should have the individual movements separated into files within the same upload. Upload Spam In order to prevent the music uploads section from being flooded with new works, users are limited to uploading three works per day. Composers who wish to bypass this rule for a special case may contact the uploads moderator (Tokkemon). Pieces that are uploaded simply as spam will be deleted and the user warned. Users spamming multiple times will be banned. Reviews Members are encouraged to review pieces posted on YC. Reviews should be constructive critique; posts that are inflammatory and/or unhelpful for musical discussion will be removed. While not required, it is expected that members give reviews to get reviews. If the composer doesn't feel qualified to give reviews, they can comment on their subjective opinions about a piece; no one knows nothing, use what you know to comment as best as you can. Major Works Pieces that are considered the top works in YC will be nominated as a "Major Work." Pieces granted this status will receive special placement on the music page and indicated by a special star-like badge on the piece's page. Nominations can be nmade by select advanced members of the YC Community for pieces that exude an exceptional excellence in technique, artistic expression, and overall musicality. Only complete works will be considered for this honor. Copyrighted Material All files uploaded should be solely created and the copyright owned by the uploading composer. Any pieces found infringing on copyright will be deleted and the user warned. Multiple infractions of copyright law will not be tolerated! Links in Signatures You can link to any site as long as it follows the same general standards and values of this community. Outside Forum Promotion Promotion of outside forums is acceptable in certain cases. When referring another member to a forum which may help them learn about their particular composition software (e.g., Finale's forum). When referring another member to a music related forum (other than a competing composition forum). There are some cases in which links to other forums will be deleted, (e.g., they are posted as the sole topic of a thread by a new member - as, say, a first post - with no explanation, just a link; this will be treated as spam). Any member posting a link to an outside forum is obliged to give a brief explanation of what the forum is about and how they think it can benefit YC (unless of course the reason is obvious because it is to, e.g., a Finale forum, etc.). Linking to Sites Outside of YC As above, you are welcome to link to sites outside of YC providing the site linked to follows the same general standards and values of this community. Threads containing links unrelated to music composition must be posted in the Off Topic. If you are posting a thread containing a link relating to content you appreciate, give an explanation as to why. Providing intelligent commentary towards the link provides grounds for more substantial discussion and gives the reader some incentive to follow it. Any threads created containing just a link and no other content will be deleted. Miscellaneous Information Young Composers reserves the right to alter any of these rules at any time without giving prior notification to its users. By maintaining an account, you agree to abide by these rules in their entirety. All references to YC in the above document refer to Young Composers and any material hosted on the domain youngcomposers.com.
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