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Found 6 results

  1. Hello guys, I composed this piano piece a while ago now (in 2017) and I had wanted to share it with you. What do you think?
  2. Hello guys, this is one of my latest compositions. The purpose of this piece is to be a soundtrack of the menu for a video game but I decided to include all the melodies and motiffs that will appear later and therefore decided to call it an overture. Any feedback is welcomed! I have in my mind to keep developing the piece later and make a more established Symphonic poem. (The harp part might be impossible, I wrote with the intention of fixing it later, any teaching is appreciated)
  3. Hello all, Here is a set of solo piano pieces I've composed. They can be performed individually or as an entire group. Each particular piece pays homage to a certain musical style and/or time period. The recording here is of only a few of the movements. The score of these select movements is also attached. Please let me know if anyone is interested in playing/performing them! Thank you for listening!
  4. Mehdi HOSSEINI (*1979)Inertia I (2014), for clarinet/bass clarinet, piano, violin and celloENSEMBLE PROTON BERN Conductor: Matthias KUHNPerformers:Richard Haynes, clarinets/bass clarinetSamuel Fried, pianoMaximilian Haft, violinJan-Filip Ťupa, cello
  5. Hello All, My name is Evan, and i'm from Indonesia... So, i believe we can learn from another experience's, and what Music teach me is all about sharing,, With all your experience's, would you like to share with us, what aspect we must prepare to set a Mini Concert? And maybe some reference about conducting an Ensemble,, Thank you for all your response, I believe with sharing and caring, we can make the music performance better,, Cheers, Evan :D
  6. How can one obtain truly objective judgement about the worth of one's piece? How does one judge whether one's piece is worthy or unworthy of performance at a concert? Even if it were, do you think a performer would give it the benefit of the doubt (or take the necessary risk) if you are unknown as a composer, even if they knew you as a person? And how do you know if a performer is simply being kind with you in your face while at the back of their mind they think your piece is trash? I am asking because I don't want to be reduced to "begging" performers to even try out my piece. And when they are all kindness and hide their real idea of your piece, then they are already treating you as a "beggar" and being "kind" to your feelings by not revealing their true idea about your piece - that your piece is worthless to them! And who said even their true idea about your piece is correct or truly objective? Why should composers be at the mercy of performers (or even audiences) as regards the worth of their piece and its right to be performed?
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