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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, I'm new here.. ^^ I am music composer, and would like to share my stuff here with you. (Will update current post sometimes). 😉 Compose with a different genres. So here is the one of my piano track from my album 11th album "Dandelion - Piano Session" Thanks for listen, if ever.
  2. Here is my latest piece. I used two drum tracks, trying to emulate Ringo's drumming, more fills, less steady rock drumming. I made the piece migrate into chaos at the end, I've felt like experimenting with more atonality lately, but not willing to totally jump into at the beginning.
  3. This is what happens when you have to write daily pieces and you get bored with writing crap. I'm quite proud of this work, even though it may not be conventional in any sense of the word. I hope you enjoy this one!
  4. Here is a place where everybody wears rose colored glasses.. Definitely easy listening. The guitar patches are Real Guitar, and UVI's Sunbird, you can choose the guitar picking pattern, but they are not able to be displayed as notes, so their display is not note accurate. Other instruments, (non pitched, vague pitch, I displayed on one line cliffs, to save space.
  5. Here's an instrumental piece I did. I threw in a lot of music references.. making it a little bit hard to pin down.. It was an exercise in 'flight of imagination'..
  6. Outside the Walls Parts I and II Here is a 15 minute piece I wrote.. it is part of a larger piece I will upload when finished. Sorry, there is no score.. Too much of it consists of manipulated audio scraps, esoteric Kontakt and UVI libraries which are mini soundbeds in themselves thus the MIDI notes have no real indication of the sound patch. Scott Watson provided his great English voice to the dialogue - soundcloud link to his material - https://soundcloud.com/s-watson . I whispered. This piece is more of a ‘sonic journey’.. I used ‘found’ sounds, heavily processed. Some of it is more ‘sound design’ than music. A fair amount of Improvisation, first takes, building section by section.. then of course editing, sliding sections around, adding additional parts to make it appear more coherent. When I got my first synth an ARP 2600 back in 71, I did pop music and also a fair amount of exoteric stuff, cause I liked the sound exploration.. This was a lot of fun.. Cause I got to ignore the years of musical rules, I’ve learned.. I took some of the sounds, and had to create a new ‘syntaxr’ in how to use them.. Quite unlike anything I’ve done before.. I also put a nod into Frank Zappa, because of his esoteric inspirations.. I too listened to electronic music artists of the 50’s and 60’s.. Stockhausin, Milton Babbitt, John Cage.. Wheil they didn’t inspire me to the degree of pop pioneers, I appreciated because they came at it with a ‘unmusical’ background’. So sit back, have a cup of tea, coffee, (and think back to the day of alternative substances). and journey over this imaginary landscape I have created.
  7. Here's an original I wrote a while ago.. Had a bad day today, and this piece is relaxing.. so thought it might help some one else too.. I listen to it now, and have no recollection of how I did it, or got to the point to lay these tracks together.. I think Keith Richards said it best.. When asked how he managed to write hundreds of songs, a number of them top 10 hits.. He responded with, "I receive, I transmit."... Sometimes that happens to me, I get lost, and it just comes out, and I just try to stay out of the way, and not ruin it, by overthinking it.. The ending which seems to come out of nowhere, was in a different key than the body of the song, which gives it, that (I'm doing this with conviction, but I don't know what the hell I'm doing feeling).. gives it a weird enough twist..
  8. The Road Less Traveled - by Mark Styles This is a long piece.. It does have a theme motif, but is more of a musical journey than a song. My first intention was to work with key transpositions. Cause I never really cared for them when I was younger, I regarded them as a cheesy device, when you ran out of ideas.. There have been examples where transpositions are very powerful and moving, and others where it’s just too predictable.. I had sone fun, transposing, and even got it to match the confusion at one point, I wanted the song to convey I use a pallete of traditional sounds but also made more use of artificial sounds, with 3rd party plug-ins, (Audio Units in Logic Pro) cause I wanted to evoke a certain feeling of nostaligia, but also of uncertainty, and alienation.. I applied the computer equivalent to tape manipulation, spicing, backwards tape, etc for other more unworldly sounds. I’ve been taking a course at coursera.org.. ‘Biology as Music”.. It studies how are our bodies were designed to process music, how certain aspects of the relationships of partials, and resonance will evoke specific emotions out of humans.. How our first language was actually mimicking animal sounds. How we even use pitch in our speech to add an extra layer of meaning to our communication.. So it got me thinking that the use of untraditional sounds, will cause the brain to react differently, cause the sound can’t be defined as being something particular. so the brain, will ‘keep an eye on it’.. I started with some chord tracks, but replaced all tracks, mostly with one line parts.. The piece is 6/8 - but I attempted not to make that real obvious. I did that by having certain instruments play notes, that might be counted out in 4/4 time.. So I wouldn't always hit, the 1 beat, I'd hit the 2 beat (trying to trick your brain into thinking it's 4/4 time).. I thinned things a lot too - so as to not have a timed feel (at least that was what I was aiming for) Not entirely successful, but it does take away from the strict feel of 6/8 time. Yes, I was a 'Flower Child of the 60's'.. so this is music for those of us who remain from the 'Flower Power Generation'.. just easy listening now, no FUZZ guitars. I'll use one in another piece later, once I figure out how to use the iPad to change the EQ on my hearing aid (just kidding - no hearing aid yet).. (Mark Styles©2016 Pliant Tunes BMI)
  9. When I compose for the piano I can't help falling back to an easy listening - light classical genre... You can find 2 recent pieces here... https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=composerpj86 The third piece was an improvisation from a cd that I made a few years ago.
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