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Hi everyone! Last year’s winter competition was a little bit laid back so I thought about doing a similar thing this time. Instead of stories, we’re going to do what artists do best and express our emotions!

This may sound like a little bit of a happy-go-lucky competition idea, but it’s simply meant to be relatively freeform, but specific enough where the composer should learn a little bit more about themselves, and the listener should learn a little more about them.

I hope you all enjoy looking within yourself and showing us all how your life plays out through emotions… what drives you, motivates you, and forces you away. Let your music do its job!



*You must be a member of the Young Composers forum in order to enter. Sign ups will be in the comments below.

*There will again be no limits to instrumentation, but a smaller ensemble is encouraged, for a more personal feeling. Extra points will not be given for smaller ensembles.

*The minimum length for this competition will be 6 minutes. The maximum is 30 minutes.

*You must have some sort of audio rendition accompanying your work, otherwise your entry will be disqualified.

*A score is required, but is not as heavy a focus as previous competitions. If you want to enter and are not proficient at engraving, message @Monarcheon. 

*If you volunteer to be a judge, you may not enter as a contest participant.

*Entrants should have an intermediate understanding of engraving and orchestration.

*Entrants may only submit one work.



  1. Submit a score that represents and answers the following questions: “How does this emotion feel within me?” | “How do I outwardly express this emotion?” Competitors are expected to deal with at least 3 emotions throughout the piece. This can either be in programmatic sections or in one arc-like movement. Here, much like last time, you will be judged on your ability to effectively develop thematic material (/25), and your ability to answer the two questions in such a way where the audience can understand it (/25).
  2. The more technically based compositional aspects are judged here. These aspects include score quality (/10), audio file quality (/10), and orchestration (/15). 
  3. Finally, submit a written component answering the above two questions for every emotion you deal with in the piece (/15). This should include what techniques you used to demonstrate certain aspects of each, keys, styles,  or anything else you feel is prudent. You are graded on how easy it is to match your written description and you piece.
    TOTAL: /100

Deadline for Intended Entry: March 10th
Deadline for Piece Entry: March 17th
Scoring Deadline: March 20th


All entrants receive detailed feedback on their works. The winner’s piece will be placed in the YC Competition Hall of Fame. It is possible that winners receive a full year’s subscription compensation to Sibelius, but we are still working on that (THIS FINAL PRIZE IS NOT GUARANTEED).


Judges: @Monarcheon

@Noah Brode
@Jacob Hall


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I would like to enter! The creative possibilities for this one are endless. Please don't cancel this one! :)

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5 minutes ago, Noah Brode said:

Is there an approved list of emotions we should stick to? I have plans to use some more advanced/nuanced emotions as inspiration, if that’s okay. 


Nope; sounds good to me.

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