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    Hello everybody, A few weeks ago, Chopin and I decided to hold a competition for which Young Composers members could design a new, fresh YC logo and favicon for the website. All submissions are shown in the Young Composers Magazine #1. This is the place where you can vote which design you like the most. The design with the most votes will be used as the official logo of the Young Composers website. Chopin can merge several designs if the vote results are very close. Now, all submissions will be showed here as well. The logo first and afterwards ths favicon. The design creators are kept secret to prevent subjectivity. Design creators are NOT allowed to vote on their own design. Submission 1 Logo Favicon Motivation isnenwnmsns Submission 2 Logo 1 Logo 2 Submission 3 Logo 1 Logo 2 Logo 3 Logo 4 Favicon Motivation Jsnsbwn Submission 4 Logo 1 Logo 2 Favicon 1 Favicon 2 Kind regards, Chopin & Maarten Bauer
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    Hey people, This one is only a short track but I was trying to match the setting of a busy airport. Im not too sure how effective it is because I've listened to it way too much and cant really tell anymore haha but I would love your feedback :) Cheers guys
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    Hi Everyone:) This is my latest Piano Concerto No.1, written for Piano Solo and String Orchestra. Currently, the Concerto only have 1 movement, Presto - Vivace - Presto - Allegro. (Please tell me if you want me to write 1/ 2 more movements:D) This is my very first concerto of this kind, and I am tempted to experiment the balance between Strings and Piano. I also attempt to use some chromatics and implement my favourite tuplet-against-duplet rhythmic pattern throughout the piece. Not sure if both techniques are appropriately done? This is my first time writing excerpts for Solo Piano, and I think I made it feasible as possible? Will it be too easy for a pianist to show-off? (I suppose someone will say so:P) Also, what do you think about the music in general? Particularly the development? Thank you! HoYin
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    I experience lulls in composing quite a bit. Generally what I do is revisit an older work and try to work on that for a bit. I also listen to a lot of music and try to see if something I hear could work well, even copying it directly to my work and then reworking it in to something more original. When I am really stuck, I'll completely switch gears and find that re-arranging a popular tune or writing a set of variations can sometimes jumpstart the creative process.
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    Thank you! Reaper as a DAW, The Giant piano samples and Cinesamples for the other instruments :)
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    Nice job bro! What software did you use?
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    This is such an amazing effort by every single one who created this. I feel extremely proud to be involved in such an amazing work, and represented by such great staff. This is truly amazing, I can't stress on that enough. Thank you!
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    It will be better if there is the score. The intro has a nice slow melodious tune.The recording is not so bad, apart the violin in the background sometimes. The 2nd movement is very lively, but I will prefer a more staccato type and possibly more dotted rhythms? The 3rd movement maybe the reflect the anger make the ending slightly faster. I thought for the 4th movement you create a short funeral march at the start to begin the 'funeral'. The 5th movement is slightly fine also. Overall, this piece is very expressionistic. It really reflects death in some way, like the slow movements and the minor key (in A minor), although I don't totally agree with your beliefs on death. anyway, it is a story, so... I also hope you can do some modulations to make it slightly interesting.
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    The music is more than a deafening silence! There is a nice rising tension in the beginning. However, the piano bass is quite repetitive. Maybe you should add a sudden fast part after the silence...
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