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Found 12 results

  1. Academic Music A server for analyzing and sharing compositions of others or your own, discussing music theory or instrument/voice technique, and asking questions about classical music. We provide a hub of ideas and discussion with the hopes of providing sophisticated feedback to make skillful and confident musicians. Please share this server to any fellow musicians you know! Features -A community of over 1400 musically inclined people and professional musicians -Free classroom-style lectures on topics in music theory -Channels for each instrument category, and vocalists -Channels for posting your or others' pieces for analysis and feedback -Active music theory education and experimentation -Discussion about the history and cultural context of classical music from the Middle Ages to now https://discord.gg/sjpwcjv
  2. Here is my song to the poem "Im Nebel" by Hermann Hesse. This is the first performance of many and we did not have all the time we wanted to practice it. I hope you enjoy anyways.
  3. This is a song that I composed a while a go. The audio is live from a concert back in January. The poem is written by me and it's in spanish. Youtube: Tenor: Julio Cesar Betancourt Pianist: David Lopez
  4. Hi everyone! I'm new to the site, just looking to work with some new composers. I run a music studio that offers mock up (recording), orchestration and engraving services. We really enjoy working with new composers and are always excited about taking on new collaborators! Our primary focus is creating realistic recordings of music without the expense of hiring live musicians for session work. We are all composers and know the hassle of getting great quality recordings and we would love to help you guys out. We just launched our new site and are looking at taking on some new projects. So, if you have any projects that you need recorded or published (maybe before school starts in the fall!), please contact us! We would love to work with you! Here is our website: http://silverlingvirtualstudio.weebly.com/ Also note that we offer a 10% academic discount on our orchestration and engraving services. Check out some of our demos and let us know if you'd like us to work on your music next!! Best of luck, Cody Ortz, Founder of Silverling Virtual Studio
  5. Hello All, My name is Evan, and i'm from Indonesia... So, i believe we can learn from another experience's, and what Music teach me is all about sharing,, With all your experience's, would you like to share with us, what aspect we must prepare to set a Mini Concert? And maybe some reference about conducting an Ensemble,, Thank you for all your response, I believe with sharing and caring, we can make the music performance better,, Cheers, Evan :D
  6. Hello all! For those that don't know me, I am a high school senior, graduating in a couple of weeks, and I have nothing to practice over the summer before I go study composition at Lawrence Conservatory. This summer, I really want to improve my playing 10-fold, my plan is to double my practice time and to improve so much, I'll have a really strong start when I start school in the Fall. Just to give you a picture about where I am performance wise I was 1st chair oboe at District band I have also done numerous college auditions, and every school that required an instrumental audition, I got accepted to with the exception of the Cleveland Institute of Music, which I was waitlisted to. So, basically, I'm a strong oboist with a good tone who wants to play good music. To do that, I'm going to need your help. I love new music, I don't care what style it is, I just care that it is good. I have an array of pieces I want to record this summer, but I also want to add to that, 4-6 original compositions. Let me repeat that. 4-6 compositions. That's where you come in. Basically, I am asking you to write a 3-7 minute piece for Oboe with or without accompaniment (if w/out please stay on the shorter side, my endurance is not that great). You may do whatever you want with the composition, you can include multiphonics, altissimo (I can play up to a high A, I can probably go higher, but I've never tried). As far as difficulty, please keep in mind that I'm doing other things this summer, I'm playing with a Wind Ensemble, and possibly a symphony orchestra, along with 2 jobs. I can handle if it's difficult, just don't make it insane. Basically, if you know your oboe literature, I can handle Mozart and Vaughan Williams, but nothing like Corigliano, if that helps you understand a bit more. If you're not sure, just ask me, I'll be glad to help. So, as far as a deadline goes, how about June 25? and I would give results on July 1, and will give you all feedback, so everyone will know why they did or did not make it. Rules: must be between 3-7 minutes favor towards accompanied works, unaccompanied will be accepted, but they have to be 2-4 minutes accompaniment must be piano (nothing else) must be complete by June 25 ok, I'm really hoping I get some responses to this, I will do my best to give you guys the highest possible quality recordings, and if I end up performing solo at a recital (another thing I'm looking at), I will very likely play one of your pieces. I may not be a professional, but I definitely don't sound like a dying duck. I'm good friends with people from Interlochen, I've performed in just about anything, I can do this, and you can write this! So, don't let anything prevent you from submitting (what have you got to lose?) Go ahead and give it a try! Don't fail me my composition brethren!
  7. JOAN BAEZ AND ME More than three years ago a film was released on the life of Joan Baez(1941- ). How Sweet the Sound came to television today in Tasmania.1 Baez rose to fame in 1959 when I was 15, and she only 19. I was a person of fame, too, but only in a little town in Ontario, and nowhere else. Her first major performance was at the Newport Folk Festival, the same year I joined the Baha’i Faith. Baez was a Quaker and a pacifist. I am not a pacifist and our forms of social activism are very different. I have always loved her singing from her first albums which appeared in 1960, 1961, and 1962 when I was finishing high school. In 1962, when I began my travelling-pioneering life for the Canadian Baha’i community, Baez had just begun her 2 year romance with Bob Dylan. I had no idea at the time immersed as I was in nine grade 13 subjects with their necessary four hours per night homework. The year 1962 also saw my final baseball and ice-hockey seasons with the Burlington all-stars and in the juvenile league. I was involved in a new Baha’i community, and was kept busy emotionally in keeping a lid on my libido.-Ron Price with thanks to 1ABC1 TV, 3:00 to 4:30 p.m., 7/4/’13. We have a lot in common, Joan, you and I, as we head into that final decade of late adulthood.1 We have an autobiographical bias to our writing……In 1987 you said: “I was made to live alone.”2 As the years went on I felt, increasingly, the same. We both had a public life for half a century…..and you are still going, Joan, while I have retired into a writing life and little public activity……few of endless meetings, wall-to-wall people, and none of the social protest-popularity profile: and you will go down in history. I wish you well, Joan, as evening continues to the last syllable of our recorded time on this plain, and we go into a hole for those who sing and speak no more. What say you, Joan, of the life beyond, & that Undiscovered Country from which no one ever returns to tell of the story beyond? 1 Baez is 72 and I am 69. Some developmental psychologists call the years from 70 to 80, the last decade of late adulthood. 2 Baez’s second autobiography was entitled: And a Voice to Sing With. Mine is entitled Pioneering Over Five Epochs. Ron Price 7/4/’13 to 18/7/'13.
  8. Here are some that I would like to share to start this thread: 1. "Shame on the blind men who took Beethoven for a deaf man!" Wilhelm von Lenz (1809 - 83) 2. "They want me to compose in a different way; I could, but I must not." Anton Bruckner (1824-96) 3. "This boy will cause us all to be forgotten." German composer Johann Adolf Hasse (1699-1783), about the 15-year old Mozart. My comments: Concerning the third quotation: What a prophetic thing to say! Concerning the second: Genius recognizes itself! Concerning the first: Talk about metaphoric blindness and deafness!
  9. How would you like one of your compositions to be performed by a major orchestra? Well here is how you can, and you can even help out children in need while doing so. http://composersforkids.wordpress.com/ Check out the website, and spread the news to all composers you know.
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