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  2. Bro this is sick, some epic music holy sh*t. Next time be sure to add the pdf so i can read the music (I like to be able to follow along). I don't know how to end this section but this would sound really cool in a symphony.
  3. I does remind me of satie a bit, but it repeats a little to much in my opinion. Maybe try adding a different theme or changing something up a it
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  5. A tribute? WHAT??? It's horrible. It had Chopin turning in his grave. Maybe if you gave it a different title to disassociate this thing from Chopin, just as someone came up with So Deep is the Night. Or change your title to Chopin Reprobation. I'm never in favour of people who haven't a groat of originality borrowing stuff from the classics then making an utter mess of them. Besides, what happened to the middle bit....ah, right. too hard, that, eh? Doesn't take much of a guess that you've never even tried to play the original study. There's miles more of music that could be written in any key. Why do something like this. Let's hear an original work.
  6. This is another favorite of mine from that album (American Dreams): Travels
  7. Hi A Choral/Orchestral, tribute to one of chopin famous trax. CHOPIN TRIBUTE
  8. Weird. I'm getting a message "Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network. This page checks to see if it's really you sending the requests, and not a robot. This page appears when Google automatically detects requests coming from your computer network which appear to be in violation of the Terms of Service." Oh dear. Farqhuing violation indeed. I don't have a google account because I won't comply with its terms of service! Curious though - I'm here on this site. my network is secured by Norton in the UK, so they can go to the place where people have to learn to make toast and keep very warm!! I'll go set my VPN region to Japan to see what happens! Oh....and of course I'm a robot.....
  9. Thank you for participating. I really liked your set of variations, really creative; and the last one is insane haha, I didn't expect that. Is it okay if I show it in my channel?
  10. A new thing I'm trying out, hope you like it, have a nice month you all! https://youtu.be/G5uiYPtsBSQ
  11. wowwwww those chromatic lines are so moving!!! reminds me of Jaco. I miss him. nice job!
  12. Thank you! It is not a fugue, nor are there any fugato passages, although there are places where imitation is employed -- though it is far from exact imitation.
  13. Unsure of how to make the finale rrgh. (of the section)
  14. Fantastic. Really interesting to see how you approached it differently. The last variation made me literally say "HA!" to myself. It could fit perfectly in a brawl scene in a saloon in a Western.
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  16. This was fun! It's been a while since I wrote something like this.
  17. Tried my hand at @Ivan1791's challenge just for fun and whipped up something quickly. I think it's pretty fun! The justification for the last variation is that each beat in the right hand uses (0148) which is the "dissonant" chord's pitch class set. Enjoy!
  18. I think at the end it is subjective. Anyway I'm not limiting the variations to that harmony. As long as the dissonance appears in a few variations it is fine to me.
  19. I don't agree with this analysis, personally. I might even take the jazz route and call it E+(#9)/C, or V+/vi that resolves unexpectedly, since that dissonance on G vs. G-sharp is categorical. V+/IV is still the clearest reading to me, essentially saying that the G in the melody is the actual dissonance, as opposed to the A-flat in the bass. @Noah Brode's variations and others do indeed make use of bVI, but in the theme, that is an available reading, as opposed to a strictly given one.
  20. I'm happy to see you liked it, and thank you for letting me show it. That video will be pretty long I believe.
  21. Thanks, and thanks for the challenge. I felt like I was dusting off some cobwebs when composing for that. Yes, absolutely you can show it on your channel! 🙂
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