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  1. Hello there! During this COVID-19 pandemic, I decided to revise and continue one of my old compositions, a cello sonata, which I started around 2018 but have not managed to finish it. I decided to dig it out and start working on it again, and here it is. The sonata is in four movements, depicting the various musical periods of Baroque, Classical, Romantic and 20th Century. Movements: I. Allemande/Fugue: This movement was meant to be a separate project on a baroque suite for cello and piano, but I decided to make it part of this sonata.The movement initially only had the Allemande part, then I decided to add in the fugue in the middle to make the movement more interesting with a contrasting middle section. II. Allegro con brio: This sonata was in fact one of my early attempts in creating a piece in sonata form. I was quite inspired by Beethoven's sonatas at the time (both cello and piano), especially in the development section. To be honest, this movement is not really classical; it has some romantic references, especially the use of hemiola in the second subject inspired by a Brahms piece. I quite like how I have revised this piece, though I feel further improvements could be made. III. Variations on a nocturne: The tune is very familiar, and I think you will guess it soon enough. The first two variations are inspired by Czerny etudes (again, another Romantic composer), while the third is a dance modeled on some sight-reading piece. The fourth is inspired by a Brahms cello sonata movement, then the fifth kind of follows the style of a movement from Tchaikovsky's cello concerto. IV. Allegro marcato: The start is inspired by a Prokofiev sonata movement, in addition to one of Charles Ives' Violin Sonata which has an ostinato at the start. The piece functions as a recapitalization of the sonata, recalling motifs and ideas from the previous three movements. The start uses the fugue subject, for example. I hope you will all enjoy this piece. This piece is dedicated to a cello classmate in my music class. I have yet to show her this piece though haha. Any suggestions and feedback are welcome.
  2. https://flat.io/score/5f1d77bd319f3e32ff6caa7d-music-that-is-not-clickbait
  3. Hello! I recently made song that features piano and electric guitars. My problem is that many people told me, that piano doesnt sound natural/is not mixed well/sounds robotic. I recorded piano parts in reaper DAW using neo piano plugin and midi keyboard. What could be improved on when it comes to mixing and playing ? Here is song im talking about:
  4. Hello & thanks for visiting! This is my latest piano waltz called "Paris". It's my second piece in my series of waltzes dedicated to famous cities. This time I tried to utilize more chromatic and dissonant elements in my composition and to vary the chord patterns more than in the previous waltz Op.4 No.1 "Vienna". It is a rather simple and short piece that has the following form: A - B - B' - C1 - C2 - A' - B - B' A: A quiet introduction theme in c minor B: Main theme in c minor B': A more dramatic and vivid variation of B C1: First intermediate theme in c minor C2: Second intermediate theme in C major that leads over to A' A': A more dramatic and vivid variation of the introduction theme A This piece was originally composed in a piano roll. Since I'm not a trained musician and it's my second attempt in writing sheet music I want to apologize for any mistakes in the score. Thank you for listening and I hope you enjoy! Feel free to comment!
  5. nicknamed it the Metric Etude. Mainly in E phrygian and E minor. https://flat.io/score/5f328cc6c936572203b428d8-etude-no-1-folia
  6. Hello, everyone. I am new to the forum and decided to share my most recent composition for solo piano in three part sonata form. I am looking forward to your reviews. This piece displays the current evolutionary stage of my musical language - where I'm at regarding expressive capabilities, structure, how I handle development and so on and so forth. I hope you enjoy or at least that it triggers an aesthetical response of some sort which in turn would mean that it has inherent artistic value. P.S. I put a bit of effort in producing a visually appealing score video too. It would definitely help my YouTube channel grow if you like, subscribe or leave a comment there. Petar Dimov
  7. This is a short piano piece I have composed. I hope you like it.
  8. HI all, I wrote these two little pieces.
  9. Could you please review my new tune created in Ableton live lite
  10. Composition for review, any feedback will be greatly appreciated.
  11. I am posting music tune composed by my 13 year old son on Ableton live lite. Any review/advice will be appreciated.
  12. https://flat.io/score/5ed89a3cd4339e2f92cad50f-impression
  13. https://flat.io/score/5f24fb35642bf90cb384b02a-melody-ai-piece
  14. Hello, I play piano since 10 years with a teacher and I try to learn composition by myself. I read some books about harmony, it is a bit hard for me. I think I will try to learn counterpoint soon. This is a very short and simple piece I composed to practice : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEWll4yVbRg I am very impressed by the quality of the works in this forum. I am posting here because I am searching for some advices to progress and learn how to compose more elaborated pieces. Please excuse my mistakes of english, I am french. Thank you
  15. https://flat.io/score/5e79c27f3483be5b348fe9bc-ragas-series-hameer-kalyani
  16. This is a piece I wrote last week. I have separated the ‘movements’ by one measure long rests, and I understand if that may seem a bit too long; I have made them shorter in my more recent pieces. The reason I named it “Try, Try Again” was because the second and fourth movements reminded me of someone making a mistake whereas the other movements sounded like someone achieving or succeeding. I also included a quote on the last page of the score that I felt went along with the title of the piece.
  17. The second movement of my piano concerto, I wrote it during the lockdown and I feel like it exemplifies my mood throughout. I'm particularly pleased with the brief piu mosso section. I wanted to upload it with note performer, although I currently don't have my finances in order. so I didn't, if I get it soon I'll re-upload it. Please let me know your thoughts, and I'm working on the final movement, as I'm not short on time.!
  18. Hi guys, How are you doing? I wrote those two short piano pieces and wanted to know what you think. 😉 I hope you’ll enjoy them. Thank you very much for taking the time to listen and maybe comment. https://soundcloud.com/j-r-mie-lhomme/op-6-farewell https://soundcloud.com/j-r-mie-lhomme/op-7-n1 Cheers,
  19. This piece is only made using chords. This is just an experiment. feedback expected.BTW Inspired from chopins e minor prelude.(op 28 no 4) https://flat.io/score/5ecfa73218c179027f492cdd-warning-cursed-audio
  20. Below is my submission for @Ivan1791 variation challenge. I wrote 5 variations on Ivans theme. and I hope you enjoy them.
  21. Hello guys, I composed this piano piece a while ago now (in 2017) and I had wanted to share it with you. What do you think?
  22. Hey everyone, just thought I'd present my new album here It's a 13 track album of mostly piano solo pieces, some are accompanied by strings etc. But the focus is piano solo which is why I'm posting here. It'd mean a lot if you could give it a listen! Let me know what you think. Feathersmith. Listen to Time by Feathersmith on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/howard-fletcher-75757721/sets/time
  23. Composition completed on 10/13/2019 You also can watch this piece here -
  24. Short piece, trying to bring my actual mood, after all what what's happened, and is ...
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