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    • I have always heard prepared piano and thought it sounded like primitive arrangement of percussion. Sounds like tribal ritual music. I do understand the deal with it being a thing more about rhythm then pitch probably for that reason. It sorts of takes the tone out of the strings and lends itself to creating more beat/pattern oriented stuff like the Japanese Kodo drumming. As silly as I think the idea of sticking things in a piano is, I hate to admit that I like the piece and I also like John Cage's 5th sonata which sounds daily similar to your piece.
    • I think it's a great thing to have a board where we can discuss different pieces. I may make a post if there's a little known piece I come across that I really think would be worth everyone checking out. At one time there was an idea to have a weekly rotation of pieces for everyone in the community to listen to and discuss, but apparently there was never enough support for it to become a thing. I hope that we can all start discussing works more, but I understand how hard it can be to think out a good contribution to the conversation when we are all so busy.
    • I am glad that you are listening. I was beginning to think people were not paying attention. It was my hope that people would post stuff that was new that just got them so jazzed that they had to tell someone who had probably not heard it and that it would encourage other people to share stuff they had just found and then a discussion would come about.  The Montague piece is incredible. It was a live performance highlight of my life. 
    • Hmm... I assume you were somewhat setting out to do something like a contemporary equivalent to Mozart's Variations on "Ah, vous dirai-je Maman". I actually quite like it too. It goes into some pretty dark places to be based on a nursery rhyme. It could even be expanded into a full set of variations, I think, if you ever wanted to do such a thing. I have to say, if you set out to write a piece everyday, and this is one of the "dumb" results, then that is something to be proud of.
    • Very cool. I am really fascinated by early Mesoamerican cultures, and have wanted to learn more about their music for a while. I'm really happy to see composers exploring some of that material, and I'd really like to myself someday. Based on all the antiphonal stuff you describe, I'm sure this is one of those pieces you have to witness live to really experience, but even from a recording I can tell it is incredible. Btw, I hope you're not discouraged by the current lack of discussion on these posts. I have listened to quite a few of the pieces you've posted and I'm really happy to be exposed to them.
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