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A place where we can share our Preludes and Fugues as part of the YC Preludes and Fugues project.
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  2. Is the project still standing? And if it is still standing could I participate?
  3. That's quite unsecure, since you don't know if people can abandon, or not have time or just pass... but well I would be pleased to make double if have time. I will work on the prelude tomorrow (now i sleep), i already have the melody and chord progression, so for tomorrow prelude can be ended (if not too complex, maybe if i make it more complex or extensive takes me a few days to make quality). I will surely upload prelude and then Fugue i will take my time.
  4. When @aMusicComposer signed me up, he told me to take my time doing it and not worry about whether or not it turns out great. So I assume the only goal is 24 preludes and fugues and that there is no deadline.
  5. I will do it Bach style, use the theme both in the prelude and fugue. There's a date as a goal? I don't know if I will have time (funny, maybe tomorrow I already have it ) so I want to plan the composition since I will be studying more properly strict counterpoint.
  6. I am pretty good at developing short themes so I should be good to go improvising my own melody to use as a fugue subject. I doubt I will use the same melody in my prelude but again, I should have no problem there(especially since the prelude that I am writing is in 5/4).
  7. Ok forget the key, I will take G minor that is free, the thing is, won't we have a theme which we will use to develop? It can't be just a simple theme of 3-5 notes or an idea.
  8. Oh it's here, I will take G minor, since D and C minor are taken.
  9. I just read everything, is D minor free? I will take it or G minor instead if possible. And i think we should go for the fugue, even if it's a scrafty one, it's ok. I think the intention of studying and trying is the best.
  10. I have never wrote a complete fugue before but I did write a few canons before delving into how to compose fugues. And you know what has always gotten me into the fugue mindset? Listening to Bach instead of Beethoven(Beethoven tends to be my go to composer and he is my favorite composer but a lot of his fugues are like ingrained into a larger form such as Theme and Variations or Sonata Form. Bach's fugues tend to be standalone pieces or at most paired with another piece like a toccata or a prelude.).
  11. Sorry @Simen-N, A Minor is already taken. Could I give you E Minor?
  12. @caters I have signed you up in the post at the top of this thread. Feel free to take as long as you want, and don't worry about it not being amazing!
  13. I'm already working on an A minor prelude in 5/4 time. But I'm not all that good with fugues. Every time I've tried to write a 4 voice fugue, I get parallel octaves and most likely other contrapuntal problems. So I think for my next fugue, I should have 3 voices to help avoid these contrapuntal problems(I could use 2 voices but to me, that makes the piece an invention rather than a fugue(and yes I am referencing Bach's 2 part inventions when I say that)), most importantly parallel octaves, since in 3 voices the octave is not necessary unlike how it is in 4 voices.
  14. I've never written a fugue before, not even sure exactly what the form should be. However, I'm willing to give it a go, it can always be rejected from the final cut if it's not upto standard.
  15. I'd like a minor key if possible, though you can choose which.
  16. Please do not use the 'Submit a Piece' part of the club. Instead, upload your piece in the appropriate forum and then in the submission link in Composer's Headquarters.
  17. Is there one you think you'd like? Honestly the key is a bit of a novelty, since the technique is the same. @aMusicComposer I'll take one more, if you'd allow for it, so I don't overload the submissions with my own. I just want to see if I can write a piece in total Baroque style/rules. B major, if possible.
  18. I would go for Option 1, but I will probably still do the Prelude/Fugue combo no matter what (if that's okay). I don't mean to sound preachy, but I think maybe we could all look on this as a learning experience about writing fugues, or at least counterpoint. I always like to take those opportunities when they come up
  19. I would primarily like it to be a fugue. A canon would work, or even at a push an 'invention' of Bach's kind....
  20. I would much prefer everyone wrote fugues, but I suppose we could make it so it's at the very least a canon?
  21. Well, I'm not very fond of writing fugues in the classic or baroque style.
  22. I'll write also a prelude in G major (I said I'll write only a fugue). If there won't be enough members, can I write also a prelude and fugue in f minor?

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