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A place where we can share our Preludes and Fugues as part of the YC Preludes and Fugues project.

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  2. I've never written a fugue before, not even sure exactly what the form should be. However, I'm willing to give it a go, it can always be rejected from the final cut if it's not upto standard.
  3. I'd like a minor key if possible, though you can choose which.
  4. Please do not use the 'Submit a Piece' part of the club. Instead, upload your piece in the appropriate forum and then in the submission link in Composer's Headquarters.
  5. Is there one you think you'd like? Honestly the key is a bit of a novelty, since the technique is the same. @aMusicComposer I'll take one more, if you'd allow for it, so I don't overload the submissions with my own. I just want to see if I can write a piece in total Baroque style/rules. B major, if possible.
  6. I would go for Option 1, but I will probably still do the Prelude/Fugue combo no matter what (if that's okay). I don't mean to sound preachy, but I think maybe we could all look on this as a learning experience about writing fugues, or at least counterpoint. I always like to take those opportunities when they come up
  7. I would primarily like it to be a fugue. A canon would work, or even at a push an 'invention' of Bach's kind....
  8. I would much prefer everyone wrote fugues, but I suppose we could make it so it's at the very least a canon?
  9. Well, I'm not very fond of writing fugues in the classic or baroque style.
  10. I'll write also a prelude in G major (I said I'll write only a fugue). If there won't be enough members, can I write also a prelude and fugue in f minor?
  11. We have people who are unsure about writing fugues, and I wonder if changing it could also attract new members.
  12. @HoYin Cheung Feel free to write something for this! Don't worry about how long it takes.
  13. If you want another key done, I'll try G# minor just to round out my key.
  14. I am interested in this project, but I don't know if I am qualified enough to join it. Also is there a preferred time limit for this project? Thank you.
  15. Thank you! I think the list would be easier to read if the keys were listed chromatically
  16. Hi everyone. I am wondering whether we should do fugues. Option 1: Keep it the same. Option 2: Don't do fugues, but do something else in their place. Option 3: Don't do anything apart from preludes.
  17. C MAJOR- @aMusicComposer C MINOR- @bkho G MAJOR- @Pietro17 G MINOR- @Noah Brode D MAJOR- @Luis Hernández D MINOR- @Maarten Bauer A MAJOR- @Noah Brode A MINOR- E MAJOR- @Youngc E MINOR- B MAJOR- @Monarcheon B MINOR- @aMusicComposer F#MAJOR- F#MINOR- @Mark101 Db MAJOR- @Youngc C# MINOR- @Theodore Servin Ab MAJOR- @Monarcheon G# MINOR- @Monarcheon Eb MAJOR- Eb MINOR- Bb MAJOR- Bb MINOR- @Theodore Servin F MAJOR- F MINOR- @Pietro17
  18. Not very likely, to be honest. The tonal fugue is a dying art form and not many on here study it very accurately.
  19. Inportant Notice Hello everyone, I have a few notices/questions for you all. 1. I am going to open a new post which tells everyone what they are writing. The sign up thread is still this one. 2. How likely is it that we would be able to get 24 members? I might have to assign some people two keys. 3. When you finish your piece, please open a new thread in 'Submit a Piece' and title your entry "Prelude/Fugue in *key*". 4. Please make sure the score is legible, and if you have a software that will allow us to combine them into one score, please PM me.
  20. OK, I am more comfortable with contemporary techniques (all of them). For me, sticking to tonal / functional music is not enough to try to express what I want. In fact tonal music is just one more tool for me, and I mix it with any other contemporary language.
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