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    • This is my first attempt to write a piece for unaccompanied violin. I'll try to make a recording in nearest future
    • Careful with the timing - you're rhythm isn't always consistently aligned, around 0:15 and 0:28 you got off from yourself. If your DAW allows it, try quantizing your rhythms. Your violin pad is covered up by your synth/guitar. Not a bad theme, plenty of room for development. You might want to give yourself more melody to work with for development than three notes within a small range, but that's a preference thing I suppose. Good work! Gustav
    • Really nice composition. I love how organic your recent works have been, makes for some good listening. With your "acoustic type" instruments, some of the entrances and releases weren't what I would expect from a human performer - sometimes it drives me nuts to hear sounds that are not human in roles that feel "human/natural". I'm sure there are ways around that, but it's all way more fiddly than I ever get with my stuff!! Anyway, this is good work! Gustav
    • I should probably post more of my orchestral stuff in this style to give people an idea of how I handle larger forces.  One of my six symphonies, perhaps, or my Sinfonia Concertante.  Thank you very much again!  
    • Agreed.  @Seni-G Real and raw are very good words to use to describe this music.  Like Jordan, I didn't always understand quite where you were going, but I enjoyed the ride for sure.   What was the significance of the monumental soliloquy for the 'cello toward the end?  I did feel like it interrupted the flow some.  Otherwise, a really excellent piece, and your written introduction was likewise excellent.  My compliments!   It's interesting, all this talk about fathers and complicated relationships with them.  My father was a brilliant man, but according to my aunt (his sister), he came back from the Korean War a very different person than when he left.  Probably to soothe his own pain, he drank to the point of becoming a morbid alcoholic who couldn't hold down a job and was a pretty awful parent a lot of the time.  Shortly before my 11th birthday, my long-suffering mother finally gathered up my brother, sister, and me, and she left him.  Whenever he came around after that, ostensibly to visit us kids, he'd invariably pick a fight with my mother, if he bothered to show up for his court-ordered visitation at all.  When I was 13, I finally got on the horn with him and told him not to come around anymore, that we'd had it with his scraggy and he could hit the road if he couldn't behave any better than that.  That took a lot of guts on my part.  I was hoping it would shake him into getting help and sobering up, but instead he took me at my word, and we never heard from him again.  Fast forward to the late 1990s, and my sister found him somehow, and gave me his email address.  I wrote him a cordial email at first, to which he responded cordially.  Then in my next missive, I let him have it with both barrels, telling him how difficult growing up without a father had been, and basically blaming him for every horrible thing that had ever happened to me.  He never responded to that one, but I felt better having gotten it off my chest.  I wasn't going to let him go to his grave thinking everything had been sunshine and rainbows after he disappeared.  And go to his grave he did shortly thereafter - I got a letter from a probate lawyer about 9 months after he died in 2001, letting me know he'd left me about $13,000.  He turned out to be a better provider in death than he ever was in life.  Like you did, about 10 years ago I started a music project in hopes of healing my thing with my Dad once and for all.  It was to be a big Requiem Mass in C minor.  I got a couple of movements sketched, but I just couldn't finish it.  Maybe someday.  At any rate, I sincerely hope the man is at peace at last.