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Hi everyone.

Recently I saw an article in the YC Wiki about a set of Preludes and Fugues written by different members of YC. Later, I realised they were from about 2009. 

I thought that we should do something similar. If you would like to write a Prelude, Fugue or both then signal your interest below. I will assign keys in order of signing up. 


C Major: @aMusicComposer

C Minor: @bkho

G Major: @Pietro17 

G Minor: @J.Santos

D Minor: @Maarten Bauer

A Minor: @caters

E Major: @Youngc 

E Minor: @Simen-N

Ab Major: @Monarcheon

C# Minor: @Theodore Servin


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 I would like to write a Prelude. If it is not strictly classical I have can write some jazz preludes? I can also write some classical preludes. I am still working on the concept of a fugue,( investable counterpoint and counterpoint with no dissonance between 3 voices) but once I get the concept down and I am ready(a few months (2) months from now) can you assign me a fugue(if there are any left)(or I could write on in a an enharmonic key? )(I'm taking AP theory so that will help a bit)


P.S: If any of you guys/girls and help me with a Fugue (side note: I guess there are types of fugues) (side note 2: you  can use these links to look at my Fuge progress-not that much-

P.P.S: I go off on a lot of tangents......so I might be a little bit messy but I hope you can make sense of what I'm writing


We can pick? OK I would like a E major (classical) prelude, and if you would be so kind as to let me write a Jazz prelude I would be more than happy!

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Inportant Notice

Hello everyone,

I have a few notices/questions for you all.

1. I am going to open a new post which tells everyone what they are writing. The sign up thread is still this one.

2. How likely is it that we would be able to get 24 members? I might have to assign some people two keys.

3. When you finish your piece, please open a new thread in 'Submit a Piece' and title your entry "Prelude/Fugue in *key*".

4. Please make sure the score is legible, and if you have a software that will allow us to combine them into one score, please PM me.

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On 8/20/2018 at 11:08 AM, Noah Brode said:

I think it would be more fun to have you give me a couple of random keys you need to be filled!


Is there one you think you'd like? Honestly the key is a bit of a novelty, since the technique is the same.

@aMusicComposer I'll take one more, if you'd allow for it, so I don't overload the submissions with my own. I just want to see if I can write a piece in total Baroque style/rules. B major, if possible.

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I'm already working on an A minor prelude in 5/4 time. But I'm not all that good with fugues. Every time I've tried to write a 4 voice fugue, I get parallel octaves and most likely other contrapuntal problems. So I think for my next fugue, I should have 3 voices to help avoid these contrapuntal problems(I could use 2 voices but to me, that makes the piece an invention rather than a fugue(and yes I am referencing Bach's 2 part inventions when I say that)), most importantly parallel octaves, since in 3 voices the octave is not necessary unlike how it is in 4 voices.

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