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    • OK this is cool (form me). Some parts are a bit excessive as the synth cascade in 00:30... The entry of the percussion is nice. In general  I like the tratment of the strings. And the ending is a bit shocking, so abrupt... Yes, the result is much brighter!
    • Hi Well, I could listen to it (midi sounds). What I have to say is that, apart from the midi sound which is not very nice, the whole piece is in "tremolando". That's too much. I don't know if you wanted to be so, or not. I think you didn't because from m. 25 on, there are some tremolo written. When a piece is static, or in that kind of sections, I'm not very fond of exact repetitions, there's always occasion to make variations, but that's your choice, of course.          
    • Thanks! Working with this kind of scales is hard sometimes. I think there are two problems: 1. The listener doesn't recognize a comfortable "tonality". It's not atonal, and the listener tries to identify the music with the major/minor system. But it doesn' fit, so he or she thinks it's "wrong". So the composer has to deal with it, writing something that, being, odd, is not "ugly". 2. Many times the scale doesn't give stable chords. Always, progression V7 - I (or similar) must be avoided, otherwise it will sound major / minor. When the tonic chord is Cm7(b5), or C7aug..., it's hard to make it stable... But possible. On the other hand, it's nice working with these exotic modes. Thanks for the comment on the Gmaj7 chords. I have checked them and they seem to be alright, but I saw one mistake in the Db7/G (which appears only once, OMG). So, I'll go over it again and make some corrections.   Greetings!  
    • I had to hear this in my head rather than the file given my circumstances at the moment, but chordally it sounds okay, theoretically. The way you structure the chords make it sound a little weak harmonically.  The writing in the beginning is also weird... are whole notes not an option? If you want them portando, you have to mark it. It seems like a more tonal Scelsi. It's interesting. Nicely done.
    • Compared to the Seventh and Eighth Insignias I tried to go for a more brighter feeling this time. Both @Luis Hernández and @Lilac Lucrezia were a huge inspiration when I recorded the piano. Yes, for the first time this is a live recording of my piano ability...which isn't that good but I try hahaha.
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