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Found 14 results

  1. In the last months I worked hard at my first small symphony. Spending some forgotten hours late at night to write notes in that marvellous app StaffPad. Slowly the story came to life. With this composition “The Boy Who Wanted To Fly” as an end result! I really challenged myself this time. I wanted to compose a classical story. A symphonic story. One that takes you by the hand and feeds your imagination. You have to know, I'm still a beginner. This is the second composition I wrote by hand. So any feedback, advise is much appreciated! About the process, I wrote it by hand in StaffPad. Exported the STEMS and mixed and mastered in my beloved DAW Logic Pro. The music is available on Youtube with the short story in the video and on every major streaming platform. So when you enjoy listening to it, you could add it to one of your favourite playlists. Link to the score: Score - The Boy Who Wanted To Fly
  2. This is a music composed for the bassoon, the clarinet, the recorder, the oboe, and the piano. It might seem complicated but it's just a simple piano song rearranged with some additional melodies. enjoy..! By the way, 223 means that it's my 223th melody, but I've completed only about five songs so far..
  3. The piece begins with a cadenza and then transform into a beautiful piece about the line between life and death. You should hear the voices of past people as this piece grows. There's much more I have to add to this, but for a start, I'm happy with it.
  4. Hey, guys! I just finished work on the first movement of a new sonata, this time for oboe and piano; it was a quick two days. I was first planning a piano sonata, but I shifted my mind over to a duet like this instead, a form in which I enjoy writing the most. The sonata, I plan, will have three movements, and this is only the first. It has several main key areas/significant harmonies, and all of them are in mm. 30- 31. This is a piece with a story-without-words, with many motifs depicting the motions and movements of the eponymous frogs and of flowing and dripping water. While much of the music could have been conceived of in 6/8, the music finally transforms starting in the frog dance at m. 156, wherein first the meter changes into the easiest conceptualization of the original music, then it shifts from duple into triple (i.e. the oboe's introductory line), and finally back into compound duple as its final transformation, all the while taming the bombastic eccentricity of the previous material, as well as the shifting harmonic language and chromaticism. Let me know what you think! P.S. The type-facing is elementary and it will be adjusted in the final drafting process, when the following movements are done.
  5. Another pure D.A.W. composition, this time with a little more to it, being the longest composition I've created to date. As always, my music feels unrelated, but they still fit each other some way even if the theme changes midway, and this one truly has a theme twist that I'm very humbly satisfied with. If you think about it, it's like a tale of a wanderer who lost his way, and describes some of his adventures and/or experience(s) along the way. Such experiences would be excitement mixed with fear, as in the excitement to explore accompanied with the awareness of whatever could go wrong. Then true adventuring as he goes through his way, learning and adapting to his surroundings. Followed by challenges and obstacles that come his way, and how he fights through, using all his previously gained experience, then roaring through his way. Then comes the emptiness or the disappointment (could be pictured as betrayal of an ally), as it amplifies into anger mixed with regrets and sadness, and later.. vengeance & determination. That's how I like music really, when it tells a story just by the music itself, lyrics are not necessary, but this leads to what happens in my tracks like the feeling of detached unrelated parts, and my goal in this musical journey of mine is to accomplish the mastery of such storytelling through music without having gone too much out of the general theme in such a quick time. I hope you enjoy it!
  6. Heaviest composition as of yet, it describes a story if your imagination is wild enough to get on track with the soundtrack. It takes you through the mindset of someone who's got nothing to lose, who's very desperate and reckless, raging in anger. Then he recollects himself, in mixed feelings of rage and agony, desperation and hatred. Then the rage and recklessness comes back, this time more intense, till the last breath (you decide what his recklessness led to..... maybe I can do a part two?) I hope you enjoy it, all my music are rather story-driven, but this composition is much more connected and generally following one theme instead of multiple ones regarding the musical atmosphere. Starting from the 2nd minute, please give me your opinion(s), as I've followed a different approach when making it than I generally do, I'm sure it's noticeable.
  7. Hi out there! This is my first track I can call "complete". To the title: My girlfriend actually wrote a short story with the same title, and I had the idea to write a soundtrack to it. I imagined this as a film. But I didn´t show it to anyone else in terms of musical feedback. The story is the following: A girl is loosing her older brother in the mountains. He accidentally fell from a cliff and died. In panic and fear of the darkness, she tries to come home before the night. She slips a few times on her way down due to the dangereus rocky ground, but eventually reaches the cliff which separates her from the village she tries to reach. After overcomming her sadness and panic after loosing her brother. She searches for a giant plant, cuts a leaf and jumps from the cliff. The girl flies and feels free from all her emotions of the day and enjoys the freedom of flying, the cold air and the sunset. After landing at the village, totally exhausted she tells her story to the villagers who form a rescue team to find her brother...Feedback is highly welcome! I recorded it with Audacity and MuseScore, so the quality could actually be better in terms of dynamics and the pauses between the scenes... https://soundcloud.com/bati-si/story-of-a-bird-final I attached the score as a pdf :)
  8. This is the revised version of my piece "Baron von Munchausen, Or, Munchausen's Narrative of his Marvellous Travels and Campaigns in Russia" for concert band, which I originally submitted for the Winter Competition here. Some changes: I completely replaced the "Wild Boar," "Horse-Taming," and "Journey to the Moon" sections, replacing them with something more thematically tied to the rest of the piece; I added more "connective tissue" between the sections of the story to give it more cohesiveness; finally, I added some instruments and spruced up the score/notes quite a bit. The sound quality may be worse than the original, since this is just the raw MuseScore mp3 export, although some things (like dynamics and accents) will sound clearer. @Adrian Quince, I know you were interested in hearing a revised version -- although I know you've done quite a lot of work reviewing my pieces lately, so no pressure!
  9. The_Fox_and_the_Rabbit_Score.pdf The_Fox_and_the_Rabbit_Story_and_Notes.pdf musicstory.mp3 Hey guys, been a while since I posted a piece here (have some stuff in the works but this is the first thing I've finished recently). This is my submission to the Winter 2017 programmatic music contest. In this case I did something a little different, I wrote a piece for orchestra and narrator (like Peter and the Wolf, which I was heavily inspired by). I do think there are some places where I could refine / expand upon (particularly have the finale in mind), but it is nearing the deadline and I am at the point where I just really want to put it out there to share and get some feedback. This is also probably the fastest I've completed a piece in it's entirety - when I entered the contest on the 5th of this month I only had the first two movements and a rough outline of the story. The narration in the audio is also done by me, hopefully it was a serviceable job. I tried to compose almost exclusively at the piano this time and also tried to use some more interesting keys. Hope you enjoy! (Also, the title isn't final - if you have a recommendation for a better one please let me know!) Total Length: ~14 minutes Length (only music): ~9 minutes
  10. Disclaimer by Monarcheon: Congratulations and thank you to all competitors who put so much time and effort into their works. While we do prescribe winners for our competitions, it is so important to recognize the communal event’s purpose of having everyone strive to be their very best. There was no work submitted without merit and it was a pleasure to honor all submissions with my humble opinion. Disclaimer by danishali903: Congrats to all who participated! It was very entertaining to read your stories and hear your music. Since I've been busy for the past few months, my reviews are a little less detailed than they usually are for competitions. If you have any questions regarding your scores, or need more clarification about anything, please don't hesitate to PM me. ADRIAN QUINCE: danishali903: 94 Monarcheon: 85 GRAND TOTAL: 179/230 SENI-G: danishali903: 85 Monarcheon: 75 GRAND TOTAL: 160/230 SEBASTIANVIOLA: danishali903: 79 Monarcheon: 71 GRAND TOTAL: 150/230 CONNOR_HELMS: danishali903: 72 Monarcheon: 75.5 GRAND TOTAL: 147.5/230 NOAH BRODE: danishali903: 73 Monarcheon: 70 GRAND TOTAL: 143/230 CONGRATULATIONS ADRIAN QUINCE!
  11. Please post LINKS to your submission for the Winter 2017 Story Competition here. Your deadline to post is March 18th. 1. Post your piece in the appropriate forum. 2. Place the link into this thread. Here are the guidelines, as a checklist for you. RULES AND SCORING: Submit a score that represents a story of your choosing. This can be about your own life, someone else's life, a well known story, or anything in between. It simply needs an arc, as does your music. This can be loosely interpreted; one can have many movements with a portion of the story in each, or one long movement or overture that tells the whole thing. You will be judged on orchestration (/25), the ability to tell the composer’s intent through clear programmatic writing (/30), and the clear development of thematic material (/25). Score quality is also taken into account (/15). Submit a written version of the story with words. This is not optional. This written piece should explain each portion of the music and what is intended on being told. This needn’t be so incredibly detailed, but should offer unique insight on the composer’s vision. Even well-known stories require explanation (/10). Submit an audio recording of your work for the judges to follow the score with. You’ll be graded on audio quality (/10).
  12. Another edition in the daily sketch project I've been doing, this one aimed to try to tell common and simple stories through musical means (the one before was "Little Red Riding Hood"). The ending has the tone I want, but I don't really know about how it was executed. Let me know what you all think;
  13. Hello to all fellow composers. I have been thinking a lot about composing another opera, but I am having trouble in finding a good story that would be suitable for it. It might help if I tell you a bit about my previous operas that I have written in the past few years. My first attempt in this field was made in late 2008. I was only about eleven when I made up my mind to compose a two hour long opera based on the Andersen fairy tale "The Swineherd." It was about a prince who wants to win the heart of a princess in a nearby kingdom. He sends over priceless gifts which she pretty much ignores completely. The prince then disguises himself as a Swineherd to get a job at her palace. He makes musical toys for her, but she can have them for the price of giving the Swineherd a certain amount of kisses. At the end of the story the prince reveals himself and tells the princess that she would not accept his tokens of love, but would kiss a Swineherd for some simple toys. I abandoned this opera after several attempts. My first actual opera is called "The Death of Osiris." It tells the ancient Egyptian myth of Osiris' murder and how his sister/wife Isis came to find him only for their evil brother Seth (who killed him in the first place) to slice the body into so many pieces and scatter them all over the earth. The final scenes are about how Isis retrieved the segments of Osiris' body and gives them proper burial ceremonies while Osiris becomes the god of the afterlife. In the original myth, Osiris' genitals get eaten by a fish after he is sliced up and Isis has to make an artificial thing for him, but I decided to leave that part out. My parents disagree with that decision. My second opera is scored for only six instrumentalists and six singers and is over a third of the length of "The Death of Osiris." This comic chamber opera is called "The King's Horn." It is based on a Macedonian folk tale about a King who was born, much to his parents' dismay, with a horn growing out of the top of his head. Throughout his life he has managed to keep his secret under his hat (or rather crown) but one day he needs a barber to cut and style his hair to conceal his strange growth, but the barber (who is extremely talkative) has the difficult task not to tell anyone. With this overwhelming amount of pressure, he decided to run far away from everyone so no one finds out (the King said that he will cut off the barber's head if anyone finds out). He comes across a cave and feeling sure that no one is around he yells out the words "The King has a horn!" A short while later, some reed begin to grow in that spot and are made into flutes by the children, but when they play these flutes the words "the king has a horn" sing out. When the king finds out what happened and what the barber did, he realises that his horn isn't really anything to be worried about, but it's the person underneath that counts. The opera ends with the villagers singing "What Nature reveals, no one can conceal." So those are my operas so far. For my third, I have been thinking of using Shakespeare's comedy "Twelfth Night," but I have also come across a true story about a Russian aristocrat who is turned against by the other citizens and is to be killed, so he runs away from his country in fear that someone will find him. Is there anyone out there who could give me some advice on finding a suitable story for an opera? Perhaps you could tell me about some of your own operas as well. Thanks, froglegs
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