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    • Variações Seresteiras ( Woodwind Quintet)
      Theme and variations for woodwind quintet that I did compose in 2015. I composed it like a training for compose a theme and variations for orchestra, I Finished the theme with variations for orchestra this year, soon I will post it here. 
    • Soliloquy for Viola No. 5
      This is my 5th soliloquy for viola. Here is the link to my 4th soliloquy for viola with its two versions: Since I see that it is no longer possible to comment on pieces from the archives where this previous soliloquy is located, I would ask that anyone who listens to it and would like to comment on it please do so here.  
    • Voyage Preludes
      Is the first inspired in Satie? I't like a Gnossienne... I love it. The harmonic changes and the simplicity of the melody is a picture of "te restful sea". The Voyage is delicious and a little impressionistic because of the pedals thar form some hybrid chords. The Seabird: wonderful... Some people won't understand so many parallel fifths... The Port: original rhythm (left hand). In summary, I like it very much and I would remark: 1. The simplicity of the melody, clear and pure (no second voice...) 2. The left hand is never boring, besides it is built on repetition. 3. The concept of the set, it works very well altogether. 4. The style in general I would say it is impressionism.   Congrats.  
    • Traveling a Mighty Rocky Road
      Thanks for the clarification.  Interesting distinction. 
    • Traveling a Mighty Rocky Road
      How interesting that you picked up on that, tmarko!  This is exactly the sort of musical style that the rule was invented in response to.  Not doing things like that in classical music is part of what defines classical as classical.  In this case, I feel like it works because it just points out the informality of the style for this piece... that this is in the folk genre.  It wouldn't be appropriate in a formal classical piece, you're right.  But the same thing that makes it wrong there, makes it right here.  The point of the rule is to minimize attention to "ugly" sounding syllables.  But folk music is much less judgey about those sorts of distinctions, and actually kind of revels in them as a way to say, "hi, we're here, and we proudly sound like we're from North Carolina" or where ever.   Yeah, they really sang the heck out of those triplets, didn't they?  (:  Glad you're enjoying the Sacred Harp.  It's some of my favorite stuff!