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  1. This is Marcel Gherman alias Megatone, a musician, jouralist, and science-fiction and fantasy prose writer from Moldova. I am a two times winner of the Writers Union of Moldova Award. I wish to present you my album Realms of The Cosmic Tree, in the style of old school Japanese fantasy RPG games. The album is inspired by my science-fiction modular novel Multiverse and my cycle of fantasy prose Chroinicles of Pandava. Last track on the album is a short fragment from an audiobook based on my fantasy story The Path to Avalonia. Enjoy! https://archive.org/details/arboruniversalis
  2. Produced using Sibelius, Pro Tools, and East West Symphonic Orchestra.
  3. Hi! This is a piece that I've recently written (It's one of my first). I'd really appreciate any feedback from you. (especially regarding structure and form... Is it too repetitive? Is it not repetitive enoough? And also about orchestration and other topics in general... ) Thanks a lot for your reply!
  4. Hey everyone! Please let me share a newly recorded version of my composition "The Sea". Don't know If this is the right place for it, but it's a guitar composition so I thought It would fit well in the chamber music althought it's not a typical chamber music piece. There's a nice story behind this, I was at the summer vacation in Croatia and I once brought my guitar to the beach with me, it was in the late evening and the beach was all empty. And while I was listening to the waves and playing some harmonies that had the "sea feel" to me, a family of strangers sat so near to me as If they wanted to listen to my playing while watching the sea. After a while they left and so I thought that maybe they didn't like it, but they soon came back to the exactly same place near to me with a blanket and stayed there until I left. So I thought If they like it, I should make a composition out of what I was playing and this is it. It's played by me and the waves in the background are recorded in Ireland by my friend. I hope you'll enjoy! :)
  5. This short piece comes from the imaging of an attack scene. This piece is for practice. Bearz
  6. “The show went on” is my first officially released song. I’ve posted it here a couple of weeks ago. With so much going on with it musically, I thougnt it would be nice to get a “stripped to the essentials” version of it. So, here it is, just the piano, strings and winds. I think it sounds like a real and complete instrumental track on it’s own and could work well as a movie soundtrack. What do you think?
  7. Hello everyone! This is a guitar piece from my debut EP and it's called "Morning". I composed it a while ago,I think it was back in 2010 and It's one of my first compositions ever,althought I made some changes to the original one here :) It's played by me. Let me guys know what you think of it!
  8. Re-uploading this from the archives if it's alright. I have a real recording, and a Sibelius Essentials recording of the piece. The real recording was recorded at my senior recital and there are some technical flaws, but it is still a performance I will never forget. This piece is for Choir and String Orchestra... I put that in the title because, it is more than simply a choir piece with string accompaniment, the choir and the strings are equally important and complement each other. The piece is a religious work, but stylistically it takes a lot of film music influences. The piece is set to text from Psalm 139, my favorite chapter of Scripture, and this is probably the most personal piece I've written so far. Here's a little bit more about the background of this piece (copy/pasted from the comment archives): I wrote the essentials of this piece during the summer of 2011. I'd been tweaking it since then up until April 2013 when I had my senior recital. During the summer of 2011 I was going through a lot of anxiety, and one of the reasons was, I had finished my third year of college as a composition major, and I had basically completed nothing as far as compositions. I was almost booted out of the composition department at the end of the school year because of it, but, after a day my composition professor changed his mind and decided we would give it another try. He had me going back to the basics and was sending me some exercises over the summer, cause I didn't really feel like I knew what I was doing... While all this was going on... I thought to myself that I had always wanted to try to write something set to the text of Psalm 139, my favorite chapter in all of the Bible. So I sat down, and, I thought... I wanted it to start off sounding a bit uncertain... but then when the words come in I want it to sound like coming to peace. And, well I just can't explain it, I started writing the intro and I shocked myself. It was better than anything I had attempted for string ensemble in the past by a lot... and then the "O Lord' ostinato just came to me after the intro closed, and I wrote the music up to "You perceive my thoughts from afar". So I had that much of it done, and I sent it to my composition professor along with the first exercise. He said "forget about the exercises, keep working on this." Enjoy, and please let me know what you think! Choral Fantasy For Choir And String Orchestra - A Meditation On Psalm 139 (c) 2013 Jair W. Crawford
  9. Hi, I'm Cyrup! Without beating around the.... excuse horrible pun - pixelated bush; I'm the director of a new Machinima series in development, called Legend of the Obsidian Keys (LOK). My crew of 7 and I have basically completely finished filming and creating the first episode... everything except the music/scoring. Unfortunately, we don't have (and can't find) anyone to actually SCORE and create music for the first episode. Bespoke music is the driving force for this creation, as without it the episode would be below average. We need an original soundtrack that will help bring this project to a higher standard, and really push the limits of a successful Machinima. If you're interested in helping out, we need a composer! It should be noted that we can't really offer any payment. The best we can offer is a large percentage in whatever the series earns, and if anything, a small 'token' cost... as well as the credit accompanying the involvement. I've created a video that has more information on this which you can watch here: We also have an incredibly outdated trailer for the series, which you can viewhere. There's also a forum thread (also outdated) that was created for the project, which you can read here. LOK is a Minecraft based Machinima, revolving around the events that surround two protagonists after they discover an active portal leading to another dimension. The series also features an (animation) cross over from the Sandbox game Garry's Mod, which is the basis for the 'real word' or current world the protagonists come from. If you can help, please post below or message me however possible. Thanks!
  10. Hi there, glad I finally found a forum that has soundtrack music genre composers. I've always had problems mixing and mastering as I do not really understand EQ and compression (I believe these are used to master a track). Anyways, I will start off with the easy question. I'm using Fruity Loops Studio for my compositions and my main plugins are Stormdrum, Nexus and Miroslav Philharmonik. My first question is with regards to a track I just finished. I'm hoping it can be a reference for future work in terms of mixing/mastering. In the track, I use piano, drums, cello, violin, cello stacc and choir. What I want to know is which is suppose to be louder and lower, for instance, should the cello be lower in volume and violin louder, etc. Is there like a general formula for it? I know there is one for beat making as that's all I'm able to find on youtube. My second question is with mastering. I know it is a very subjective thing, but since I don't know the basics, is there any good articles or material that are easy to read for someone without knowledge on music theory? Any advice would be appreciated.
  11. Hi everybody! I am an artist, doing animated films. For my latest project, Georgie the Cat, I am looking for a musician who feels like collaborating with me, by providing the music / soundtrack. Georgie is intended to become a series of mini-clips with little, cute stories of Georgie the black kitten. These clips are suited even for the smallest children. Here is the very first clip, that needs music: http://vimeo.com/31328053 The film needs an intro-theme that is played during the opening panel. The same intro music will be played at the beginning of every future clip. Then it needs music while the action plays, especially at the end of the action, it will need flute music (when Georgie plays the flute) and at the end, it needs music for the end-credits. The music shall be lovely, melodic, fairy-tale like and if possible not synthesizer like. More classic. for now this project is a non-commercial one, I will see how far we can go with it. But if we get enough clips together, I may produce a DVD. I already did one: www.john-f-kennedy.fr/bete I will gladly answer every question you may have. Diana
  12. Hi, everyone, I'm new to this forum. I have some basic questions about film scoring. I play the piano, and I can compose musical themes on there. I have trouble converting it to orchestra, however. I have even more trouble creating the realistic movie sound I'm looking for. The software I have is Finale 2008 and Garritan Personal Orchestra 3. I know a lot can be done with these, but I simply don't know how to use them to their full potential. I want to make something in the general style of Anne of Green Gables, but I'll need some help. Please bear with my newbie questions. Since regarding film scoring, I'm a relative beginner, I'll need some basic questions answered. As the first step, how big is the orchestra in the above soundtrack? Is it possible to make this kind of score with Finale and GPO?
  13. Hey everyone, Now that I'm back, I'm proud to announce my next major project — scoring and sound design work for the upcoming game, Star Command. If you like science fiction, Star Trek, GameDevStory, X-Com, etc. then you'll love this. The team has recently opened a Kickstarter campaign to help raise some money to fund cross-platform development and other goodies (so that after the initial iPhone/Android launch this winter, you'll be able to expect an iPad, PC, and Mac version too!) The response so far has been staggering, but the more merrier so if you'd like to contribute to development or just spread the word, it would be greatly appreciated. Check out the Kickstarter page for plenty of information about the game: http://kck.st/pp1WIS For more, here are a few other useful links: Website: http://www.starcommandgame.com/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/#...starcommandgame Facebook: http://www.facebook....StarCommandGame IGN: http://wireless.ign..../1192644p1.html TouchArcade: http://toucharcade.c...ommand-surface/ Destructoid: http://www.destructo...er-210700.phtml Kotaku: http://kotaku.com/58...-for-the-iphone
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