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  1. Bleum


    Hello;;; i'd appreciate feedback on this track. mixing in process as still learning // creative inputs are very much appreciated. blisses,,, bleum edit: changes made; added bass like b major and minor chord elements.
  2. First track was something walking at night in the middle of nowhere. Second track was well, about a battle between man and alien spaceships.
  3. Guest

    Nymph's Sleep (Opus 17)

    A small lullaby thing I did for my Music Production (high school) class. The only objective was to produce a piece that will be exactly 2 minutes (my exceeds 120 seconds, but only because of the delay and reverb - I had to leave two empty bars for the sound to go down). I also tried to experiment with the harmony. It's a bit flexible, balancing between C major/minor and G major/minor. I just wanted to get out of the frame of choosing one key and using it's parallel or relative key. On the other hand, I do not want to write atonal music. Nymph's Sleep is written for two harps, glockenspiel, small string section (violoncellos and bassess), flute and bassoon, celesta, and synthesizers (bell synthesizers with a lot of delay). There is no score for this composition yet. Thank you for listening and let me know whether it's harmonically bearable - I did not study harmony yet.
  4. Hey guys it has been ages since I have posted on here and I've missed this community a great deal! As always I am constantly writing and usually post material in the Video game music/film score section but with this post comes some fresh new material in which I have been heavily inspired by retro music but I wanted to put my own "spin" on it! I hope you guys dig and let me know what you think! Here is the link to the youtube channel if you guys are interested!
  5. Ok, I consider this one finished. It's a background music for a scene in my game where the player infiltrates a building converted to an alien facility. No accompanying video game footage yet....
  6. "There will be signs in the heavens" www.zimrmusic.bandcamp.com
  7. (Above is just a visualization image, not my game) This is an accompanying tense music for a scene on my game where the player is investigating a mysterious town in the outlands where there have been reports of cult activities. This is track meant to be faded in and out at certain intervals only. It is a space filler.
  8. This plays in my game when the player heard news about enemy war planes started bombing the city
  9. Blissful Morning (Opus 15, synthesizer version) written entirely for synthesizers : lead, chord, pulse, EDM basses and a little dose of percussion pad. The piece is written entirely in F major, and was based on the classical version of the composition written for piano, flute, and violoncello. This was an experiment made only to check the capabilities of my software in the electronic music field. The score is borrowed from the classical version. Thank you for listening, any helpful hints and comments!
  10. Ok this is the last of my projects. This is a background track for the scene in my game where characters swim under the river to avoid enemy patrol boats :D This is created solely with synths. Suggestions always appreciated.
  11. This is for the elevator haunting scene of my space shooter. Honest criticisms are needed.
  12. A suspense action music I made for the walking dead attack scenes of my game, "Space Anomaly" where a rescue team is sent unto an orbital research compound when they received a distress call 48 hours ago. They then found no trace of the crew but found some blood stains in the floors and the walls. What they don't know is the crew was infected by an alien virus that came from the artifacts they obtained from planets, eventually turning them to walking dead. Accompanying videogame for the music: The music is orchestral, accompanied by electronic ambient effects and a subtle vocal choir.
  13. Hi all! This work was done as part of my "quick write" challenge for myself, to compose often and in shorter time intervals to help eliminate the previously long time periods between composing works. I woke up one morning to some deeeeep thunder rumbles and the power flickering, combine that with a half note riff I worked up in the band room before I taught at school that day and PRESTO!! Instant "epic electronic hodepodge of stuff". Let me know what you like and what I could do better--I'm not a mixer, these sounds are all done with the Sibelius sound library with minimal adjustments to anything........ Gustav Johnson
  14. This is something for a project a friend and I are working on. I don't have all the film yet, but I've written out the themes and titles for the film. This is the "turning point" of the villain in the film, where he unleashes and lets loose. Since I don't have all the film, I haven't quite finished the track, but some feedback and thoughts would be nice. Mixing isn't my strong point, but let me know what you like and what I could do better! Thanks, y'all. Gustav Johnson p.s. The inspiration for this one came from a friend's bed-frame which produced 2 distinct pitches, so never stop looking for inspiration in the weird stuff!
  15. Hello, this is my new drum n bass track. I'm interested in your opinion. https://www.patreon.com/posts/5510522
  16. Written on piano, used Mixcraft for editing.
  17. Another re-upload from the archives: This piece is an experimental work that is a serious work, yet, it is not meant to be taken too seriously. It has many fun surprises and a lot of cross-over feel to it. It's broken up into three movements, but it's all in one file. Video game music was one of the bigger inspirations for this piece. The piece is meant to start off sounding of old-school synth elements, and a more 'weird' tone to it, but each movement moves more towards a huge, cheesy, dated-sounding, full-on trance/dance romp! This was the grand finale of my senior recital and boy, I had to really push my professor to let me include this on the program! LOL Enjoy and let me know what you think! A Synthetic Mind (c) 2013 Jair W. Crawford
  18. Call for Latin American Music: 60x60 Latin Music Mix (SPANISH/PORTUGUESE TRANSLATIONS BELOW) 60x60 Latin Mix (No entry fee) (SUBMIT http://www.musicavatar.org/)PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SHARE CALL WITH COLLEAGUES, STUDENTS, SOCIAL MEDIA Opportunity Type: 60x60 Entry Fee: NoneOpen To: All Composers living in Latin America, Composers of Latin American heritage, and/or works that are clearly inspired by Latin American culture/music.Deadline: Nov 1, 2014 Receipt Type: Digital Submission: Must be completed online by deadline 60x60 Latin MixOpportunity Type: 60x60 Entry Fee: 0.00 Open To: The call is open to all Composers living in Latin America, Composers of Latin American heritage, and/or works that are clearly inspired by Latin American culture/music. Deadline: 11-01-14 Receipt Type: Digital Submission: Must be completed online by deadline Vox Novus's 60x60 is calling for one-minute recorded works with durations of 60 seconds or less. Curator/Macrocomposer Sabrina Pena Young will select and organize 60 compositions to be played continuously in a one-hour live concert. About the 60x60 Latin Mix: The 60x60 Latin mix will show recent works of Composers living in Latin America, Composers of Latin American heritage, and/or works that are clearly inspired by Latin American culture/music. 60x60 is a project of "signature works" and short works created specifically for the 60x60 project. Excerpts of larger works are strongly discouraged. Works generated from procedures (i.e. mathematical matrices, organizational systems, or computer programs) remixed works, or themes and motives recomposed from other of the composer's own work are acceptable. In addition to the 60x60 Latin Mix, Vox Novus is calling for submissions for several other themed mixes including: the International mix, the Wave Farm mix, Death Mix and others. Details for other mix submissions can be found at: http://www.60x60.com/submission The call is open to all Composers living in Latin America, Composers of Latin American heritage, and/or works that are clearly inspired by Latin American culture/music. There is no admission fee. Submission deadline for all 60x60 opportunities is 11-01-14. All submissions must be uploaded online at: http://www.60x60.com/submission Audio submissions must be in either AIFF or WAV file format. Special conditions for the 60x60 Latin Mix All works submitted to 60x60 mixes will be considered for this year's 60x60 International Mix. The composer needs to write a brief sentence about why the piece should be a part of the Latin mix. Questions about 60x60 can be sent to support@voxnovus.com Works selected for the 2014 60x60 project will be announced on the Vox Novus newsletter NM421: www.NM421.com in January 2015 60x60 is a one-hour-long show made by sequencing 60 pre-recorded pieces by 60 different artists, each piece a minute in length or shorter. 60x60 has been presented in many performance formats including TV shows, radio shows, multimedia and multidisciplinary events, as well as published several albums of works. Since 2003, 60x60 has received thousands of submissions from over 30 countries. Highlighting the work of a great many artists and composers, 60x60 testifies to the vibrancy of contemporary composition by presenting a diverse array of styles, aesthetics, and techniques being used today http://www.60x60.com. -------- PORTUGUESE TRANSLATION 60x60 Latin Mix Oportunidade 60X60 Preço de inscrição: 0.00 Para quem: a convocatória esta oberta a todos os compositores que vivem na América Latina, possuem origem latino-americana, ou que sejam inspirados pela cultura e música latino-americana. Envio: envio digital pela Internet (online). Vox Novus's 60x60 consiste em obras até um minuto de duração. A Curadora (diretora, organizadora)/compositora Sabrina Pena Young fará uma seleção de 60 obras a serem tocadas de forma contínua num concerto ao vivo com a duração de uma hora. Sobre o 60x60 Latin Mix: A 60x60 Latin mix mostrará novas obras de compositores que vivem na America latina, ou que possuem origem latino-americana, e também obras da cultura/musica de inspiração latino-americana. 60x60 é um projeto de "signature works" (projetos personalizados), obras curtas, criadas especificamente para o projeto 60X60. Nao é recomendável extrair fragmentos de obras longas realizadas previamente. Obras de longa duração não serão admitidas. São permitidos trabalhos criados a partir de processos generativos (ex. Matrizes matemáticas, sistemas ou programas de computação), remixes, e temas inspirados por outros compositores. O 60x60 Latin Mix, Vox Novus oferece ainda a oportunidade de inscrição em outras temáticas (themed mixes) que incluem: the International mix, the Wave Farm mix, Death Mix e outros. Detalhes se podem encontrar na: http://www.60x60.com/submission A data limite e: nov-01-2014 Todos os projetos têm que fazer o upload online na: http://www.60x60.com/submission A submissão Audio tem que ser no formato .AIFF ou .WAV Condições especiais do 60x60 Latin Mix: - As obras enviadas ao 60x60 serão consideradas no 60x60 International Mix deste ano. O compositor tem que descrever com uma pequena frase a razão para a sua peça ser incluída na Latin mix. Perguntas acerca do 60x60 podem ser enviadas para: support@voxnovus.com As obras seleccionadas paro o projeto 60x60 2014 serão publicadas na Vox Novus newsletter NM421: www.NM421.com em Janeiro 2015. 60x60 é um concerto de uma hora de duraçâo com 60 peças de artistas diferentes, pre-gravadas e tocadas sequencialmente. 60X60 tem sido apresentado em formatos diferentes de performance: em TV shows, na radio, eventos multimedia e multidisciplinares. Também ainda realizado publicações das obras em albums. Desde 2003, 60X60 tem recebido milhares de inscrições vindas de 30 países. 60X60 é uma referência na vitalidade da composição contemporânea apresentado uma diversidade de estilos, estéticas e técnicas utilizadas por muitos artistas e compositores actuais. http://www.60x60.com ---------- SPANISH TRANSLATION 60x60 Mezcla latina Tipo de oportunidad: 60x60 Cuota de admisión: 0.00 Abierto a: El llamado está abierto a compositores que vivan en América latina, compositores de ascendencia latina y/o trabajos inspirados en la cultura/música latina. Plazo de entrega: nov-01-2014 Tipo de recibo: Presentación digital: Debe ser completada en línea. Vox Novus 60x60 está pididendo obras grabadas de un minuto o menos de duración. La curadora/macro-compositora Sabrina Pena Young seleccionará y organizará 60 composiciones que serán ejecutadas continuamente en un concierto de una hora de duración. Sobre la Mezcla Latina 60x60: La Mezcla Latina 60x60 mostrará trabajos recientes de compositores que vivan en América latina, compositores de ascendencia latina y/o trabajos inspirados en la cultura/música latina. 60x60 es un proyecto de "obras de autor" y obras cortas creadas específicamente para el proyecto 60x60. No se recomienda extraer fragmentos de obras largas realizadas previamente. Son aceptables obras generadas a partir de procedimientos (matrices matemáticas, sistemas organizacionales o programas informáticos), las obras remezcladas, o los temas y motivos recompuestos a partir de otros trabajos propios del compositor. Además de la Mezcla Latina 60x60, Vox Novus está convocando para varias otras mezclas temáticas: la Mezcla Internacional, la Mezcla Wave farm, La Mezcla Muerte y otras. Los detalles para otras convocatorias puede ser encontrados en: http://www.60x60.com/submission La convocatoria está abierta a compositores que vivan en América latina, compositores de ascendencia latina y/o trabajos inspirados en la cultura/música latina, de cualquier edad o etapa de su carrera. El plazo para presentar obras de 60 segundos (o menos) de duración es nov-01-2014. No hay cuota de admisión. Todas las obras deben ser cargadas en línea en: http://www.voxnovus.com/60x60/submission (el proceso de registro está en inglés) Las obras deben estar en formato AIFF o WAV. Condiciones especiales para la Mezcla Latina 60x60 Todos los trabajos enviados a las Mezclas 60x60 serán consideradas para la Mezcla Internacional 60x60. Los compositores deben escribi una breve nota que explique porque su obra debería estar en la Mezcla Latina. Preguntas sobre 60x60 pueden ser enviadas a jackysch@gmail.com Los trabajos seleccionados serán anunciados en la hoja informativa de Vox Novus NM421: www.NM421.com en Enero 2015. 60x60 es un concierto de una hora de duración conformado por la secuencia de 60 piezas grabadas por 60 compositores diferentes, cada obra de una duración máxima de 60 segundos o menos. 60x60 ha sido presentado en muchos formatos incluyendoTV, radio y eventos multimedia y multidisciplinarios, también ha publicado CD's con las obras seleccionadas. Desde 2003, 60x60 ha recibido miles de obras de mas de 30 paises. Destacando el trabajo de un gran número de artistas y compositores, 60x60 da testimonio de la vitalidad de la composición contemporánea, presentando una gran variedad de estilos, estéticas y técnicas que se utilizan actualmente. http://www.60x60.com.
  19. Deadline Extended! June 25 Canada's #1 Experimental Music Magazine is hosting its 2nd Electronic Music Composition Contest Details: Compose a piece in one of the following genres: Acousmatic, Audio art, Electroacoustic, Glitch, Intelligent dance music, Microsound, Noise, Turntable art, or Video music. No maximum length. Submission: $20 entry fee includes a 1-year subscription to Musicworks magazine (3 magazines and 3 CDs). Cash prizes for winners, and winners are featured in the magazine and on the CD. http://www.musicwork...est/contest.asp
  20. Rites of Loops - Rituals_been off Rituals is the first album of Rites of Loops. The producer MagZanoid and the dj AcThor One are showcasing here 15 smashing Tracks. They are using many style influences of electronic dance music and put it together in a Ritual of Sound. The essential expierence of each member, which are moving for a long time on the tracks of electronic dance music, is , these hypnotic and rythmic Sound that is the essence of this 15 Track album. A ritual dance character for the floors of this planet, modern and suitable for the actual Zeitgeist. Been of was chosen, because its showing the red thread which is detectable very clear. Watch the Video here:
  21. Hello all, I wasn't here for a long time... I need your help now :) I'm working on an electronic work, and I have a long note.. I would like to make a glissando on it. Do you know any programs, which are able to do this? I downloaded 4 programs, and nothing :( I hope you can help :) Cheers, Magyari
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