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  1. Hi! πŸ™‚ New guy here, hobbyist composer with barely any musical education. πŸ˜… In the past I've played a bit of piano and more recently tried to learn to play guitar with poor results. πŸ˜… Looking forward to learn from you folks and maybe even collaborate? πŸ™‚ But first things first, I thought it made sense to show where I'm currently at. Here's a demo that I've compiled recently: Essentially, I've collected the best of my drafts which I hesitated to call done, as I usually do, and compiled them into a music demo in order that hopefully makes some sense... I also have a soundcloud account, though it is pretty empty for the reason stated above... πŸ˜… Any tips and suggestions are welcome of course, I'll be hanging around reading and trying to improve. πŸ™‚
  2. I figured since I'm posting things, might as well post this. I started to write the songs back in 2016 but there are a couple from 2014-2015. This is the second indie-rock-??? album I've done and it was a huge challenge, but I had a lot more fun making this than I did the first one. I played every instrument except the drums which I programmed (I don't have access to a drum kit nor can I actually mic it up properly ATM.) I also did all the necessary production and everything else really. There is only one track that has a guest artist, since I couldn't sing those lines myself cuz it sounded stupid. As for the album itself as a whole, it's divided into four different song groups. Since I like albums that have a "reason to be" albums, I felt like I had to have some sort of structure. Each group is separated by a intermezzo of sorts. It's pretty obvious if you hear it, but towards the end of the album the intermezzo and the "actual songs" start getting mixed. I'll do a little breakdown on each of the tracks: 1) Saint: This wasn't supposed to be the first track at the beginning, but slowly as the overall album took shape I thought having the first track be pretty "heavy" was kind of something I wanted to do. It's also probably the simplest thing I've ever composed and published in some form, but that's not a bad thing imo. 2) E.L.F. Panic So one time I was going through the types of wave frequencies, as you do, and I stumbled onto the idea of Extreme Low Frequency waves, stuff that goes through planets and stuff. I found that kind of horrifying and fascinating, so the lyrics and the song just kind of happened out of that. Still think it's creepy. 3) Deep Dive The only instance I've ever actually found guitar tapping to be actually musically useful. Otherwise, I always found this track had a very "ocean" vibe to it, but the kind of ocean you see in, like, those really terrifying deep dives people do (like Mariana's trench, etc.) 4) Another Shore This song is very hard for me to sing, obviously. The song is kind of a little inspired on Chrono Cross, hence the title, but it's more of a feel thing than a direct reference thing. It does follow a little in the "ocean" vibe from the previous song. 5) 40s Sometimes when I'm writing lyrics I don't actually think too much about what I'm writing as long as it "sounds cool" when I'm singing it, but in this case I think I'm clearly making some kind of statement. Maybe. This song went through two entire re-dos, as before this version it was super surfy. It also probably has my most favourite guitar work in the album. 6) Flower This is a great example of text I didn't think too much about, but I really like it. The inspiration for this came from a scene in Saint Seiya where Shiryu is being told by his master during training that he has to basically be a mountain or some stuff, it's all very deep for a 80s Shonen anime I'm sure you realize. Also this ended up being the surfy song and it was a great challenge to get that Twin reverb surfy tone, but I think it went alright. The acoustic song when I composed it is actually like 1 minute long, so I was very curious how I would make it longer without just repeating things ad nauseum. 7) Sandra I don't actually know many Sandras, and this song isn't about any of them. I wouldn't actually wanna be around the titular Sandra either, honestly. Interestingly, I did actually give more thought to the lyrics in this song, and boy there's a lot of lyrics here (which I have a hard time remembering, specially during recording.) I also have no idea what kind of genre this song actually is. Is it blues? I always wanted to write a blues song, it sounds like a cool thing to do, but I'm uncool so maybe this doesn't count at all. 8 ) Intermezzo This was a mockup of how I wanted the actual track to sound like. When I went and "worked on it for realsies", I ended up hating the thing I made so I reverted back to the much superior mockup. Honestly this track is a homage to Kenji Kawai, of Ghost in the Shell, Patlabor, etc fame. I'm a huge fan of his work and I tried to capture a little of the vibe here, specifically the Patlabor 2 Movie soundtrack. That thing is so amazing. I also really like 80s gated drums, but I didn't know where to put them in the album that wouldn't be just awkward. 9) Introspective Heavyweight When I was making the song list for the album, I really had no faith in this song in particular since it was kind of generic and not that exciting. I really liked singing it tho, and much to my surprise once I started the actual production I had a lot of fun and I think it's one of the stronger tracks in the album as a whole. The honest to god proper solo is also a first for me, since I'm usually too shy to "make room" for me just wanking around on the guitar. 10) Dangermind This song was an accident, I just made the main riff by accident on another track as I was coming up with some of the backing parts and I ended up really liking it. As for the text and everything else, I don't know. I thought it would be cool to be a little more violent and aggressive in my rock music considering how that's one of the main things I do in the classical/modern stuff I make. 11) The Dark Another intermezzo piece that's an accidental homage to a Japanese composer. In this case it's more of a homage to the Vagrant Story soundtrack by Hitoshi Sakimoto. I think Sakimoto's use of harmonies are instantly recognizable, so I lifted a couple of those progressions for this track. 12) Stars I didn't know I liked funk until I actually started writing funk out of nowhere. But it's also not really funk sometimes, so obviously I have no idea what I'm doing. Either way, another guitar solo as centerpiece, but this time it's less "Oh whatever sounds cool" and more thought out. 13) Xtra Space More gated drums this time submerged in that stereotypical retro-clichΓ© from the supposed 80s. I don't know of any music from the 80s that sounded like this, only music that claims to sound like the 80s (which it obviously doesn't.) It was also refreshing to sing without caring too much about, well, anything really. It's not so much a song as a "mood," and I feel it could as well go for hours if I wanted. 14) Gold I wrote this song a week before finishing the final mix of the album. It's one of those things that just happens, but really had fun singing and writing it, specially knowing that it was going to be the last track. It's got a similar vibe to Stars, but I think it's much more straight forward and it has no guitar solos or anything really fancy. Playing the bass on this was probably the most fun I had in all the album's production, but I really just like playing bass. If you like my work and want to support me you can buy the thing on bandcamp: https://ytmh.bandcamp.com/album/nightwave So there.
  3. My music portfolio: https://soundcloud.com/hiwes/sets/my-best-music-and-my-portfolio Twitter: HIWES433 Email: Niko433aclo@gmail.com I will make you a Theme song for your Video Game or anything else that you need music for. Be specific about what kind of style the music needs to be: Rock, Synth, Chill, happy, sad, or whatever you want it to be. The right music can make an emotional moment that much more emotional, a tense moment that much more tense.
  4. Hello community! I wanted to share with you this article about Analysing a piece through spectral techniques which I found very interesting! I started to learn about this topic recently and truly caught me up. What would you recommend me to know more about it? How do you develop a piece like this? Stay safe πŸ™‚ https://www.piano-composer-teacher-london.co.uk/post/analysis-of-a-composition-based-on-three-sound-gestures-through-spectral-techniques
  5. Hello! Here is my newest composition. I wanted to try a very different approach than what I normally do in my composing process. I made a sketch of material and let two saxophonists play this material in very free ways. When they submitted their recordings the actual composing started with very static material since I cannot change the recorded material that much. It was an exercise in structure and arch building, but I also see it as a proper composition. I want to create an additive film to accompany the composition. Do you have any ideas for themes, scenes? I would love to hear your comments! 2 [Echt] Saxophone duo.mp3 - Maarten Bauer
  6. Hi guys, HAPPY NEW DECADE FROM US IN "THE CONEHEADS FROM DRONJOMLAND" 😍😍 What have happened since last time, in my life? I was active at this forum more than a decade ago, my first little pieces I uploaded here. In 2014 I left Norway, traveled alone in Southern Europe and Liverpool and Scotland for more than 4 years πŸ’ͺI met travelers and musicians from all over the Place. Then I came back to Norway 14.August 2018. Now I work in two different food stores in my city, here is 50000 Citizens, I work 5 days a week, I worked a lot in December, its called Rema 1000, they was inspired by Aldi when they started this brand many years ago. One of the shops I work in its 660 square meeters, its at the biggest shopping mall in the city, I will not quit if I become famous for the music one day. I love to work inside the cold room behind the milk and yoghurt and butter and egg, maybe because it makes me feel like a Norwegian viking after all my travelings in lovely Europe? But my dream is still to work with Music, I dream about working in London one day with my music mate Kurt Laursen. I have put together a new music page, so I am curious what you think about our music πŸ€” so have a look and tell us your true opinion 😑 πŸ€— Tomorrow I will fly to Tenerife with my girlfriend Heidi, we have been together since 2.November 2018. So, I will dive a lot in the pool and run in the sand at the beautiful beaches while thinking of my awesome future with the music Production 😎 πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘ http://www.dandron.com/dronjom/gjennombrudd.htm GOD BLESS YOU GUYS. Best regards and best wishes, Daniel RΓΈnjom
  7. Hello, I'm new here.. ^^ I am music composer, and would like to share my stuff here with you. (Will update current post sometimes). πŸ˜‰ Compose with a different genres. So here is the one of my piano track from my album 11th album "Dandelion - Piano Session" Thanks for listen, if ever.
  8. Hey guys, I made this track inspired by the sounds of Stranger Things. Let me know what you think about it πŸ™‚ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhqzECU2kCk
  9. ARRHYTHMIA (2018) for Piano, Flute and Electronic Hi everyone, click link above and after you see the video, give me feedback. Thank you!
  10. This tune is based on a custom Mario Kart Wii track, Kinoko Cave. It is set in the night, and one part is a cave filled with water and crystals and green mushroom trampolines. Special thanks to my friend for recording gameplay footage with my music, because I can find out how the tune syncs with the music!
  11. Angel Eyes is jazz tune from 1946. This is an piano impro around it with electronica. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLblgcD6uJ4
  12. Hey all, just joined the forum, hoping for some input on a big piece I wrote a bit ago. I'm hoping to make some revisions soon and am looking at publishing eventually, so I'd be grateful for your input! A score is attached, I ask that you don't share it outside of this post. A Chance Taken is a piece I wrote in my last year of undergrad as an extracurricular project on top of my senior recital and student teaching prep, meaning I've only had a little bit of input on it. It's my most ambitious work to date, a 6-minute piece requiring a full sized Wind Band and an electronics track played on speakers. There's a variety of inspirations that went into this, including electronic, world, and and video game music. A big focus was on getting a lot of use out of three-ish different themes, and weaving them together in a variety of contexts. I'm especially proud of the closing section, which uses all of them at once. I have a VST recording here, which is the best representation of my vision for the piece. There's a lot of little details in there, so I'd reccomend some decent headphones if you have any. I was also fortunate to have the piece read by my university's Wind Symphony, although the recording quality isn't fantastic and we didn't have long to rehearse. I do like to think it might highlight some orchestration/balance issues though. Here's that recording:
  13. Hi, dear musicians! Some years ago I listened klassical compositions in jazz processig. It was Shopins waltz. Now I am interested: what about classikal music meet electronik, I mean processing. What you think about?
  14. I wrote this piece before Martian Procession but posted it afterwards. Listen to this piece and tell me what you think. I used a ton of my Korg prologue and sequenced a lot of drums. Follow me on Instagram @wind_player1. Check out my Sounds.com content for sax loops and samples. Also email me at cjrhenhome@gmail.com for suggestions and requests for content. Thank You!
  15. This is a new song I write with my Korg Prologue and a bunch of other stuff. Follow me on Instagram and at Sounds.com where I am a producer for loops and samples. Comment what you think.
  16. I wrote this song to be meaningful, its a fancy song with meter changes and cool sax parts. Tell me what you think, follow me on SoundCloud and Instagram, I would love to follow people back who write and enjoy similar music as me and interact with them. My Instagram is wind_player1 and my SoundCloud is below. Thank You, Cj Rhen. Listen to Back Of My Mind by Cj Rhen #np on #SoundCloud
  17. Hi Ive just started trying to learn how to improve my mixing and so decided to write in a style I don't usually do. How did I do on the mix and is the song itself good?
  18. Muhammadreza


    In Persian language, Haraas (Persian : Ω‡Ψ±Ψ§Ψ³) means "fear". I'm a big fan of horror music and after listening to lots of "Funeral Doom" and "Witch House" music, I decided to write a piece myself. I studied horror elements again and started writing this piece. I really like the result, because it has the sense of "endless" fear, in a dark and cold jungle. You know, it's like when you see a victorian building in middle of jungle and when you decide to enter the building, you got surprised by looking at something weird, creepy or scary. Such as an unknown monster, an alien, a jinn (you know jinns are very popular in middle eastern horror stories!), or even a person whom got killed in a brutal way and it makes you scream and escape! DAW : FL Studio VST FX : Blackhole Reverb, Fruity Reverb, Fruity Parametric EQ2, Fruity Compressor, Fruity Limiter VST Instruments : Addictive Keys, Native Instrument Symphony Essentials (Bass & Violin) , FPC (HQ Rock Kit), DX7 (Pads), Vital Mallets (Bells), 8Dio Free Angels (Rain Samples)
  19. hi, I'm new here in this forum and that's my first publish here. This piece is called "Take it Easy ". it's electronic chill music with piano and saxophone. Tell me what do you think!
  20. This is my new Chiptune compilation, I do not have much to elaborate on it, but I can say it was made using Famitracker, and all the basic channels of the "Ricoh 2A03". https://adplay.bandcamp.com/album/power-heart-2a03 If you would like to purchase the compilation then feel free to do so! Any comment, criticism or opinion about this composition is welcomed! I would like to know how did my efforts on this has turned out, though it wasn't much of a work for me I must admit.
  21. This is what I just improvised, using a POD farm amp simulator and free plugin "Guitar Gadgets" (with its dreamy and beautiful reverb). I played notes of D minor scale using a violin bow on my Ibanez iJRG200 guitar.
  22. I am currently making an album called RPG Series where it is all entirely from the Korg Gadget app. The series is actually dedicated to a specific game developer that specialize in role playing games. Below is Cleric Class, one of the pieces in the album. Also in the album are Assassin Class and Rare Floor..more to come. I hope you all will enjoy this one.
  23. I just wrote this piece today, listen to it, share it, do as you please and check out my other videos and Instagram wind_player1. Tell me what you think, cjrhenhome@gmail.com, and most importantly share you music with me.
  24. Please listen to my stuff, subscribe to my youtube, follow me on instagram if you would like. I am going to start posting a lot of content. Most importantly, email me at cjrhenhome@gmail.com so I can meet any of you and share music... it is the best way to learn and meet musicians. Here are two of my electronic songs I wrote mixed and mastered and whatnot. Thank You.
  25. So here is the first track of my latest EP that is coming soon. It takes inspiration from artists such as lorn, and has a very electronic, slightly gritty/dark feel that is designed to accompany image of a similar style and set a particular tone/atmosphere. Certainly game/film music if you know what i mean, hope you enjoy and dont forget to follow and spotify:) Many thanks
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