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  1. Hey there, first post. This is my first attempt at composing for a large ensemble. I started it today and it's obviously a work in progress. I'm also not yet sure what instrumentation I want to use, so the strings might be temporary. Any suggestions at all are welcome!
  2. Hey fellow composer, I'd like to introduce myself; I'm Frederic Bernard a composer and orchestrator from Germany. I've just launched my homepage and finnished the writing on my very first orchestration tutorial. It's all about how to properly apply legato on all the different instruments. It can be downloaded here. ...listening samples (including some of my own live orchestra scores) are of course included, happy reading! :) cheers, Frederic
  3. Hello! I submit to you my first piece to be reviewed. I wrote this piece sometime last year when I tried to compose an orchestral piece every month. Supriringly (not really) it all became too much to handle. I would love to get opinions on this so I could perhaps apply them to future pieces. Thank you Tony B
  4. Hello everyone, It's a very short Theme. I am not sure what to with it... Composing a B part and then repeat the beginning? Hope you enjoy it! Best regards
  5. Let me introduce my new soundtrack about the time travel. I hope, you will like it! Please share your opinion, it you would like to! Thanks!
  6. Hello! So I've been playing around with a music program I've got and I came up with this piece of music. I used a written score I had earlier and then orchestrated it all with MIDI. However, I'm having trouble finding the document, though I did upload the music onto Youtube. I would love to hear feedback; Personally, (and in retrospect) this piece seems to be quite repetitive at parts, and I think that I will definitely be changing that. Anyway, here it is:
  7. I made this track for a spacey sorta album thing I'm working on. I thought I'd use it as the first introduction piece of the album so i wanted it to create the setting of space - vast emptiness and openness. The album is based on the gravitational waves recently discovered so the voice at the end is meant to provide some background. Let me know what you think and feedback would be cool too :)
  8. Experimenting with a bit of minimalism in a really grand, cinematic style, with exception of the V section, of course. I quite like the results, even if the piece is a little bit too simple.
  9. Another old composition of mine, back when I used to write by hand. Managed to digitize this one as well.
  10. Guest

    Opus 20

    A small thing I did while studying for my exams. This is my second composition written for orchestra (modified orchestral ensemble). The mixing is terrible, I know. It was really random and all crazy, so please forgive me... Thank you for listening and wish all of you a nice, peaceful, warm New Year filled with creativity, brilliant ideas, and wonderful music!
  11. I made this song a long time ago but I decided to post it now (you know, I don't want to post my music nonstop and annoy). It was made even before I posted the first song here, so the suggests that I was told are not implemented here yet, but atleast I would like to see what you think about it, I hope that you like it
  12. I arranged this (with permission) from a piece a friend of mine wrote for solo piano.
  13. Hi! This is my first post here, I'm doing some soundtracks for a video games that classmates are doing, so I would love to have some feedbacks on it. Thank you.
  14. This is a track from an album I'm creating which outlines the discovery of gravity waves from last year or whenever they were discovered. This track was meant to follow the idea of gravity waves propagating on their journey through space and all of its wonders towards Earth. Let me know what you think and feedback would be cool too :)
  15. My attempt at doing a orchestral piece in the style of film and game soundtracks (which nicely lets me practice writing for orchestra in a shorter and less complicated format). I'm curious if the begging section sounds out of place, as I wrote it several months ago and just recently returned to and quickly finished this piece. The title doesn't have much meaning, in case you were curious, I simply picked something I thought might fit the song after I finished it.
  16. I wrote this a few years ago and I still think it's one of my best works. I initially planned on writing a symphony, but I ran into writers block during the 2nd movement and decided to just release movement 1 as a standalone overture. (I eventually did complete a full 4-movement symphony a few months ago, but not based at all on this material, nor in the same key.)
  17. Monarcheon


    I don't think you'll ever see anything like this again from me, really. I didn't do much of the actual sound design of the piece, but I was in charge of coming up with a lot of the ideas and progress/gestures for it. Check out the poster's album if you like this piece, he did a really good job.
  18. A composition by me trying to depict our Planet Earth and how we humans are affecting it.Consisting of 5 parts, Home starts in the pure and intact nature, a kind of peaceful musical environment, and then goes to the next part which is construction and consumption and goes on until it gets to a so called destruction and annihilation part which is certainly a harsh and dark part.Then the song reaches an uplifting part where humans are taking part to rebuild and reconstruct the planet.And then again in the end we have the first part which is the pure nature, leaving the listener in a condition where he or she should decide on what will happen next or better to say what to do next. Would be really happy to know your ideas, comments and reviews. by the way the music is actually written with the concept to be synced with video scenes from nature and other places, so consider it. thanks in advance :) P.S. Sorry I don't have access to a good Internet Now so I had to give you the link to my soundcloud. https://soundcloud.com/aronfard/home
  19. Hey guys so this is a piece that I'm working on at the moment that's supposed to be an oriental sounding sorta thing. I've gotten two main themes but I have no idea what else to add to keep it interesting or how I'm going to reintroduce the themes I already have. This is my first try at this sort of sound so I would love any points to work on and if you have ideas about what to add or change please let me know ;)
  20. A small prelude written for my English class - background music for a model based on the setting from A. Huxley's "Brave New World". In this composition, I tried to reproduce the cheap and ignorant, grotesque cheerfulness of Huxley's bizarre world of artificiality. Also, I thought that the concept of all-seeing eye would fit the dystopian nightmare. The pillar of this prelude is my loose improvisation in A major - one of the most happy and cheery keys, in my opinion. Thank you for listening!
  21. First track was something walking at night in the middle of nowhere. Second track was well, about a battle between man and alien spaceships.
  22. Heyoh fellow composers! This composition confuses me. It started as an expression for some feelings you can hear in the beginning, but escalated into quite big orchestral with quite a variety of emotions. But I still find it to be reflective - I just don't know what it's about. Just that it hits me damn hard. I don't know what to name it, so I left the original name at least for now. Any thoughts, associations or points of view this strikes in you would be interesting to know! Also, criticism is most welcome ^^ Cheers!
  23. This is something I wrote a very long time ago. So long ago, that I'm not going to post the score because it's pretty embarrassing; the engraving and some of the orchestration is awful. This was a film score meant for a friend who liked gliding and was going to make a video of it, so I tried to create that arc of starting an adventure, and coming back from said adventure. It's incredibly simple, but for what it's worth, I think it's pretty okay. Haha, enjoy!
  24. Hey guys! This is a little something I've been sitting on for a while. I used a Nintendo 64 soundfont for it, and I think it has an old school RPG-esque feel. The only bit I don't particularly care for is the very end when I switch back to G major, it feels a little forced. But please let me know what you think!
  25. This plays in my game when the player heard news about enemy war planes started bombing the city
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